The UAE humanitarian aid initiative around the world

What distinguishes the UAE moral message and its unique policy is that it constantly records its influential presence on the scene, and has had an influential role in the qualitative response to the coronavirus pandemic, far from the geographical determinants, and the UAE’s medical supplies roamed nearly 73 countries around the world. It excludes in its aid neither the rich nor the poor countries, as the UAE humanitarian aid contributed to protecting about half a million medical personnel in the world, to paint the broad hopes for a bright future in which the sadness that burdened humanity is displaced.

The Corona pandemic revealed that humankind, no matter how materially developed, the values ​​pillar, including its behaviour and practice, remains the source of the power of human societies in facing tribulations and crises.

The UAE humanitarian aid initiative came from the beginning of the crisis to evacuate the citizens of a number of sister countries from the Chinese province of Hubei, the focus of the Corona epidemic, to the “humanitarian city” in Abu Dhabi as a message of response, support and solidarity with neighbouring countries from the country of giving and aid.

UAE humanitarian aid initiative

This initiative is an embodiment of the UAE’s constant keenness to support and support the countries of the world, and an affirmation of the established humanitarian action approach, which is a fundamental pillar of Emirati policy whose leadership has always stressed the necessity of extending a helping hand and assistance to all peoples in difficult circumstances, without discrimination based on the basis of Geography, race or religion, but rather based on noble human attitudes.

Under the directives of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, ordered the evacuation of nationals of a number of brotherly and friendly countries from the Chinese province of Hubei at the request of their governments and transfer them to the “Humanitarian City” in Abu Dhabi.

An equipped and fully equipped medical plane carried out the evacuation, which included 215 people from Arab and friendly countries.

The UAE humanitarian aid response team participated in the evacuation process, which included a team of volunteers, which included pilots, hosts, and the medical and administrative team, whose participation was to enhance and highlight the humanitarian and volunteer role.

International Humanitarian City

The “International Humanitarian City” was equipped with all the necessary equipment and supplies to conduct the necessary medical examinations for the citizens of the evacuees, to ensure their safety and put them under quarantine for a period of not less than 14 days.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the UAE embassy in the People’s Republic of China has coordinated with the embassies of the countries concerned to organize the evacuation process as part of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to enhance cooperation with the Chinese government to contain the spread of the virus.

Since the emergence of the virus, the UAE has intensified its efforts in coordination and cooperation with the World Health Organization and has taken many decisive measures for immunization and guiding citizens to better deal that ensures avoid infection.

It also dealt with him with absolute transparency documented by numbers and advertising, as it proved effective and dynamic backed by preventive measures at the national level that had the best impact in protecting society and ensuring its safety and health security.

In an automatic UAE humanitarian aid approach and unlimited tender

The UAE expressed its full readiness to provide all support to face the crisis of the spread of “emerging coronavirus” and translate it on the ground by transporting a UAE plane to medical supplies and equipment provided by the World Health Organization to Iran as part of its efforts to contain the virus, which confirms keenness The Emirates to cooperate with the international community to face challenges and risks, and stresses the importance of its firm role in promoting global endeavours for the noble goals of the UAE humanitarian aid that are being achieved.

Source: gulfnews
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