Exemption of UAE volunteers in 3rd phase of clinical trials

In coordination with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection approved the exemption of volunteers in the 3rd phase of clinical trials for the inactive “COVID-19” vaccine from any other HIV tests outside the scope of the testing program.

3rd phase of clinical trials examination exemption

Al Hosn UAE application

Voluntary clinical trial volunteers “COVID-19” exempt from any examinations outside the scope of the trial program, 3rd phase of clinical trials.

It was also decided to use the Al Hosn application to introduce volunteers to benefit from the exemption, as they have to install the program on their smartphones.

3rd phase of clinical trials experiments stage

In the 3rd phase of clinical trials of the experiments that began in Abu Dhabi last month, volunteers will receive two vaccination doses and a remote medical follow-up via phone call to monitor the volunteer’s health status and discuss the results of the vaccine. The success of the volunteer’s trip depends on his continuing the program throughout his 49-day period.

The decision to waive from other examinations comes due to the fact that volunteers are required to follow specific and accurate procedures during all stages of the testing program, 3rd phase of clinical trials.

Al Hosn is the official UAE application for the results of the “COVID-19” virus test, which is the fruit of the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and local health authorities.

UAE develops fast technology to detect coronavirus using laser

A new tool that enables high-speed group checks in seconds, allowing unprecedented expansion of the circuit.

This technology strengthens the UAE’s position as an international centre for research, innovation and technology, at a time when world scientists race to access the fastest and most accurate technologies to examine suspected cases of coronavirus.

This scientific investigation may enhance the ability to identify carriers of the disease before it becomes contagious and constitutes a broader risk, and it is expected that specialists will be able to conduct investigations on a large scale, thereby enhancing the ability to track cases and curb disease outbreaks among the workforce.

This development contributes to strengthening the national efforts exerted in this framework, especially since our wise leadership attaches great importance to technological and knowledge development, especially in the field of scientific research related to health sectors.

DPI technology

It is based on laser and includes an optical phase, can identify the virus within seconds, as well as being easy to use, non-surgical, and low-cost.

He stated that the device is suitable for use in hospitals and public places such as cinemas and shopping malls, and with little practical training. We believe it will be a major paradigm shift in tackling the spread of the Coronavirus.

Source: WAM

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