UAE breaks 5 million COVID-19 checks & cure rate reaches 90%

On Monday, the UAE government held a briefing on the developments of the new Coronavirus and the COVID-19 checks, during which Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, and Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, spokesperson for the briefing, spoke.

UAE COVID-19 checks exceeded 5 million

Abdul Rahman Al Owais said in his speech that the number of coronavirus tests in the UAE exceeded 5 million COVID-19 checks, explaining that the cure rate is 90%, confirming that it is “one of the highest in the world.”

For his part, Dr. Omar Al-Hammadi, the spokesperson for the media briefing, said that the human immune system weakens with age, which makes it more vulnerable to infections and tumours, explaining that this explains that the elderly are exposed to complications after catching COVID-19, as a result of the lack of defence cells in them.

“Al-Hammadi” added in his speech: “The first line of protection for the human body is to follow a healthy lifestyle, with exercise and healthy eating, and to avoid smoking, as sleep and obesity disorders affect the general health of man.”

He advised “Al-Hammadi” that there should be no harm in the ads that promote products that stimulate the body’s immunity and protect against COVID-19, stressing that such ads exploit the fear and anxiety factor to market these products.

He stressed that wearing masks reduces the chances of the transmission of the emerging coronavirus, especially as it is transmitted mainly through direct contact with the infected, and through droplets from the infected person’s body, whether coughing, sneezing or talking while communicating.

He stressed the importance of wearing masks, whether cotton or medical, with the need to wash cotton well with every use.

Al-Hammadi called on those who suffer from respiratory symptoms and chronic diseases such as the elderly, or those in contact with COVID-19 patients, the caregivers of their elderly people and those who suffer from chronic diseases, the necessity of wearing a mask to protect themselves from infection and applying COVID-19 checks.

He advised those who suffer from difficulty breathing, or who are unable to remove the masks themselves without assistance, not to wear masks, to be very keen on applying the precautionary rules.

COVID-19 Checks Developments

UAE achievement in the treatment of corona with stem cells

The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center accomplished and succeeded in developing an innovative and promising stem cell treatment for emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) infections with the spread of COVID-19 checks, which includes extracting stem cells from the patient’s blood and re-entering them after activation.

Providing the appropriate conditions and requirements for the success of this work and to provide treatment for patients infected with the emerging coronavirus, especially in the current circumstances, which witness a widespread of infection worldwide, and clinical trials are continuing towards successes.

In the context of the UAE’s keenness to protect public health in the community and ensure patient safety in light of the spread of COVID-19 infection, the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center conducted medical experiments through the use of non-blood-forming peripheral autologous stem cells to treat the COVID-19 outbreak. Encouraging results are recorded in the treatment success in most cases, which is a positive indication regarding the effectiveness of the treatment, pending confirmation of this with additional results.

With this scientific achievement, the UAE confirms its keenness to contribute to the field of research and development to support global efforts to protect humanity from this dangerous epidemic.

Bone marrow transplants in the Emirates

The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center has successfully launched bone marrow transplants in the UAE, which are used to treat patients with blood diseases and tumours.

This came through the AD-BMT program, where the first operation was performed on a patient with multiple myeloma, a type of leukaemia.

The fruit of this success came through cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.

Source: gulfnews
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