Richard Horton interview about the UAE medical activity

This is how Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief of The Lancet medical journal, who compared coronavirus responses around the world, praised how the United Arab Emirates dealt with the crisis.

Richard Horton praised the UAE

What the Lancet editor said about the UAE’s response to COVID-19

The world’s most respected medical journal, Richard Horton said, “This is due to the wise political leadership of the United Arab Emirates that is sensitive to science and compatible with risks.”

Richard Horton said that by listening to scientists, political leaders saved lives: “Political leaders (in the UAE) were listening to scientists and were able to spin very quickly to protect their citizens.”

Richard Horton interview was conducted on July 30.

Richard Horton said: The United Arab Emirates has already conducted 5 million coronavirus tests and still on its way to detect the undiscovered coronavirus cases through its initiatives across its borders.

The United Arab Emirates became the second country, after South Korea, to introduce drive-through COVID-19 testing.

During the Corona crisis … the UAE provided more than 1,248 tons of medical aid

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During the Corona crisis … the UAE is providing more than 1,248 tons of medical aid, today, Sunday, August 2, 2020, 04:05 pm

The United Arab Emirates has provided more than 1,248 tons of aid to more than 92 countries, benefiting more than a million medical workers.

The Emirates has sent an aid plane with 60 tons of medical supplies and examination devices to Turkmenistan.

This comes within 90 tons allocated to it to support the efforts of 90 thousand health workers and enhance their ability to cope with the spread of the emerging coronavirus “COVID-19”.

Abdulaziz Al-Hashemi, the Chargé d’Affaires at the Emirates Embassy in Ashgabat, said: “The UAE and Turkmenistan enjoy distinguished bilateral relations, which enjoy the support and care of the leaderships of the two friendly countries, in the context of continuous keenness to strengthen and develop them in all development fields in a way that achieves common interests.”

What does the world learn from the UAE in its fight against COVID-19?

Since the month of January, the world is facing a deteriorating crisis resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which started spreading since December 2019 from the Chinese city of Wuhan and led to huge losses in many sectors of the economy, especially transport, tourism and entertainment, the collapse of global exchanges and the acceleration of the decline in energy markets.

Worldwide, the number of infections with the Coronavirus, which first appeared in central China at the end of last year, exceeded 4,946 million infections, including more than 322,000 deaths, and more than 1,936 million cases of recovery.

The study was suspended in a number of countries around the world, in addition to cancelling many public events and events, isolating hundreds of millions of citizens and imposing total restrictions on the movement of citizens. Several countries have suspended flights and land between each other for fear that the virus will continue to spread.

The World Health Organization warned that the spread of the Coronavirus is accelerating but changing its course is still possible, calling on countries to move to the attack stage by examining all those suspected of being infected and placed in contact with them in stone.

It is reported that global health classified the Coronavirus as a global pandemic on March 11th, stressing that the numbers of infected people are increasing very quickly.

Source: gulfnews
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