Covid-19 deaths in the UAE within 24 hours are ZERO

On Saturday, the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection reported that 254 new cases of Covid-19 had been identified, although no deaths had been documented over the past 24 hours.

Emirates News Agency reported that ‘in line with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection’s aim to extend and increase the scale of testing in the world with a view to identifying and controlling cases of newly infected coronavirus and those in contact with and isolating them. The Ministry announced that it has carried out 43,268 new tests over the last 24 hours.

UAE can handle Covid-19

The intensification of the country’s inspection and testing processes. And also the extension of state-level inspections, have reported 254 new cases of different nationalities of modern Coronavirus. Also all healthy and subject to the required health treatment.

This brings the total number of reported cases to 60,760 in the world.

The ministry has announced the recovery of 346 new cases of people diagnosed with the “Covid 19” virus and their complete recovery from disease symptoms. After providing the required health treatment after their hospital admission, taking the total number of cure cases to 54,255.

The Ministry of Health and Community Safety has also reported that no deaths within the past 24 hours have been registered.

Vaccine trials

The UAE has stolen a march over other countries in pursuit of a Covid-19 vaccine. With the launch of human trials in final phase 3. Health Department-Abu Dhabi, Group 42 and Chinese pharmaceutical major Sinopharm are partnering for the study. This also will rope in 15,000 volunteers to further test the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. It will test two strains of the vaccine and one placebo. Two doses will be over three weeks apart and volunteers follow for one year. Nawal Al Kaabi, head of the UAE’s Covid-19 Clinical Management Committee said that. Volunteers will be between the ages of 18 and 60 with no significant underlying medical conditions and also without prior infection with Covid-19, Al Kaabi said.

Authorities have announced, up to 15,000 volunteers from Abu Dhabi City and Al Ain will participate in the Covid-19 vaccine trial that began in the Capital. Volunteers can now sign up on the website. An alliance between the Abu Dhabi-based engineering company Group 42 (G42) and the Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm. This clinical trial is also the first phase 3 trial by the WHO for a Covid-19 vaccine.


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