Abu Dhabi Health Authority future clinical trials steps

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamid, head of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, and Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, acting deputy director of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, met Chinese delegation “China National Biotechnology Group” and the “G42” group to discuss future steps to be taken as part of the first phase of the third clinical trials of the vaccine Possibly COVID-19 virus.

Abu Dhabi Health Authority with a Chinese delegation

The start of clinical trials for a possible vaccine for Corona

The Chinese “China National Biotech Group” and the leading group “42” in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, which is based in Abu Dhabi, have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at advancing the clinical operations of the vaccine in the UAE under the supervision of the Abu Dhabi Health Department.

The two parties discussed details of coordination of the work teams of experts who will complete the clinical trials, as well as details of the shipment of possible vaccines used in these experiments.

The clinical trials research related to Corona

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed expressed his happiness with the meeting of the Chinese delegation, stressing that the UAE has taken a confident step towards leadership in the field of clinical trials research related to Corona, as it joined the global race to search for radical solutions against this epidemic.

He said: “The UAE is following the directives of the rational leadership to contribute effectively and centrally to facing all of humanity in this pandemic, through cooperation with various parties and mobilizing global efforts to preserve human health and well-being. We are pleased to see today the results of the collective action of the Department of Health and its partners in analysis, proper planning and involvement All concerned parties to move forward in reviewing and monitoring one of the most important studies that will be conducted in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

For his part, Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al-Kaabi said: “The study methodology was designed according to one of the best methodologies for clinical studies, and it is called” a double-blind, randomized study.”, which will give the final results high global credibility if they are adhered to.

The researchers presented the evidence and results of the first and second stage studies that are considered a prerequisite for moving forward, in addition to that, the researchers confirmed the gradual implementation of the study on the volunteers and monitor them permanently and directly, which guarantees the highest levels of safety for the volunteers.

He explained that the Health Department works closely with researchers to ensure that the global requirements are followed, which gives high credibility to the study and its results in preparation for global accreditation in the event that the study proves the feasibility of one of the vaccinations or both, where the decision of the Medical Research Ethics Committee in the Health Department to approve this study came as a confirmation of the message of the Health Department. A healthy life, preventive and curative services at world-class levels.

He pointed out that this study was approved after fulfilling all conditions and clinical research requirements, taking into consideration the safety of volunteers.

The UAE clinical trials process

It is usually divided into three stages, the first stage mainly includes the safety of the vaccine, while the second stage is concerned with assessing immunity generation and is looking at the vaccination process for a limited number of individuals, while the third stage includes the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine among a larger segment of people and if the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine is proven Throughout the clinical trial process, the test is considered successful and the vaccine manufacturing stage is widely transitioned.

The vaccine succeeded in passing the first and second stages of the experiments without causing any harmful effects, as the percentage of volunteers who were able to generate antibodies reached 100 per cent.

The “G42 Group” and the Chinese “China National Biotic Group” aim, through this partnership, to accelerate the development of a safe and effective vaccine available on the market by the end of 2020 or early 2021 in the interest of all mankind.

The clinical trials initiatives

The clinical trials that started today represent the starting point for many initiatives that seek to ensure health for all and enhance the country’s capabilities in the areas of research and development and its capabilities to manufacture the vaccine, and these initiatives will be announced successively within the framework of the state’s directions to build a knowledge-based economy.

Source: WAM
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