What should I know before visiting Dubai?

If you decide visiting Dubai soon and plan your trip, of course, you will be very enthusiastic, you must plan well before travelling so that your enthusiasm does not turn into frustration and find yourself, in the end, I made many mistakes that you should avoid during planning and here is a guide on the things that must be done Take them on your journey until you spend the perfect, impeccable trip.

What should I know before visiting Dubai?

5 tips that you should know before visiting Dubai

  1. Shopping in Dubai
  2. Dubai Restaurants
  3. Residence in Dubai
  4. The best weather in Dubai
  5. Entertainment in Dubai

Tips before travelling to Dubai

Shopping in Dubai

When it comes to shopping, you have many options for shopping in Dubai. In fact, this is the reason why a lot of people travel to Dubai specifically. Shopping there is a very special experience more than anywhere else, especially for the famous The Dubai Mall, where all the clothing brands concentrated. The famous and international commercial and all of them take from the mall an area of ​​440,000 square feet so that it is believed to be the largest group of shops for fashion brands under one roof in the entire world as there is more than one fashion in the mall. For example, you can buy the finest sweets, paintings, books, and many gifts. Memorial So make sure two things are important and are making enough money and leaving an empty space in your bag.

Dubai Restaurants

In Dubai you can easily find restaurants that offer all kinds of food that may come to your mind from Western, Eastern, Indian, Chinese and other food, and you can find them everywhere, but what you should know is that these restaurants are not the original, they are new On the country, but the wonderful Arab restaurants are the first and original Dubai restaurants that you want before any other restaurant. You can also try barbecue restaurants, they are also wonderful and very delicious and you will never regret trying them.

Residence in Dubai

There are a lot of beautiful places to stay and relax in Dubai. When people think of spending a special holiday to relax and get rest away from the bustle, Dubai is the first place that comes to their minds, the majority of hotels in Dubai are great if not all, but if you are looking for The best of all, the One & Only The Palm is definitely the best as it has many advantages and advantages and you will find many opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing and pampering.

Entertainment in Dubai

Although Dubai is the main centre for shopping, eating and getting rest and pampering, there is much to explore in it for adventure lovers and exploration. You can try hot-air balloon rides on a one-day safari and go diving the next day. You can also head to the bay Dolphins to swim with the beautiful and beautiful dolphins and do not forget to visit the beautiful Dubai fountains. Where you can take some unique and impressive memorial pictures and the last thing you can explore is the stunning architectural buildings and do not forget to take a camera with you on all your adventures so as not to miss taking the best photos.

The best weather in Dubai

Dubai has two seasons, no more, and it is the hot season and the hottest and free season. It is known that the months from October to April, which known as the winter months, where the sky is blue, the weather is perfect, and the beaches are great as it is the rainy season. But usually the rainy Do not continue for long periods, so do not let this factor affect the times of your visit, the best time to go to Dubai and spend a wonderful and perfect time with your family or friends or even alone is from October to April of the following year.

We hope this guide has helped you a little and made you know what to do, how to spend your time, where to stay and when to travel when you intend to visit Dubai on your next vacation.

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