UAE success in evacuating stuck people from Wuhan

The United Arab Emirates UAE volunteered to evacuate stranded Arab students, who could not leave the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the world-wide corona disease.

UAE success in evacuating stuck people from Wuhan

On Wednesday, the UAE announced that:

  1. The UAE’s decision to volunteer to transfer stuck Sudanese and Yemeni students comes as part of an unending effort to help the Arab brothers.
  2. After the government of the two countries was unable to return its nationals due to many difficulties.
  3. So, 215 citizens of a number of countries, including nationals of Arab countries, evacuated from Hubei province.
  4. According to a request made by their governments, where they transferred to the “humanitarian city” in Abu Dhabi.

Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan initiative

Providing all facilities for the return of students and scholars

  • This initiative also comes in compliance with the recommendations made by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
  • According to the directives of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.
  • In lending a helping hand to the Arab brothers and providing all facilities for the return of students and scholars.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed extended a helping hand to all people under the principle of humanity and brotherhood

Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Tweeted that:
  1. I followed with interest in the evacuation of stranded nationals from sister and friendly countries from the Chinese province of Hubei to the UAE.
  2. As well as, They will receive comprehensive health care to ensure their safety before returning to their countries.
  3. Eventually, We thank the Chinese government For her cooperation and we value the efforts of our volunteer children in this mission, our belief is firm in the unity of human destiny.

The UAE offers its best to all peoples without exception

The Emirates contributed to the transfer of many of its Arab brothers and provided them with all their needs

  1. An evacuated plane equipped with integrated medical services carried out the evacuation, with the participation of the humanitarian response team.
  2. In addition, It included a team of volunteers that included pilots, hosts, and the medical and administrative team.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the UAE and the UAE embassy in China coordinated with the embassies of the countries concerned to organize the evacuation process as part of the continuous Emirati efforts and coordination with the Chinese government in attempts to contain the Coronavirus.

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