UAE repatriates 1,743 people, 25 more trips planned

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has successfully rescued 1,743 citizens and residents during an evacuation operation to repatriate people stranded abroad. With airlines shutting down and flights grounding this operation has saved many who stranded abroad.

Evacuations a success

Once again the UAE has shown exceptional judgment in its rapid responses to the spreading Coronavirus pandemic. 39 trips to evacuate citizens and residents completed successfully. 25 Further trips planned to take place over the coming days.

1,743 people successfully repatriated during the evacuation process, they are now safely located on UAE soil.

The ability to act swiftly in crisis situations has stood the United Arab Emirates in good stead during the outbreak of Coronavirus. While many other countries have struggled to control viral outbreaks. The UAE remained the safest place in the world.

The foreign ministry is currently in coordination with foreign governments to ensure that everyone from the UAE can return home swiftly and safely. Humanitarian efforts are a high priority in these troubling times.

UAE Flights are still grounded

Extreme measures are taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. On the 23rd of March, the United Arab Emirates suspended all passenger flights for two weeks. Airports considered to be high-risk places during the pandemic and should avoid where possible.

Travel restrictions have shown to be an effective tactic in preventing the spread of the virus. The United Arab Emirates is doing everything possible to preserve the safety of its citizens during this global pandemic.

The United Arab Emirates has been generous in cooperating with foreign embassies in order to return their citizens home. On Friday the 27th of March 26 American citizens and 32 British citizens returned home with the assistance of United Arab Emirates authorities.

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