The best tourist places in Dubai for shopping

The most important markets and malls places in Dubai gained a reputation for tourism over the past few years. Perhaps more than other cities in the UAE until it was recently ranked among the most attractive cities for tourism in the world. Due to the trend of the architectural and cultural development that invaded it and appeared in the form of giant skyscrapers with innovative engineering designs derived from the appearance and culture of the city.

If you have chosen tourism in Dubai for tourism in the cities of the Emirates or even other countries. So, prepare yourself to see the malls and giant shopping centres. What they provide of commercial and leisure activities that are eye-catching, artificial islands and what they offer of high-end residence and entertainment options, game parks, and distinctive water parks and dolphins houses and hundreds of others One of the funky faces that Dubai welcomes its visitors.

The most important markets and malls places in Dubai

  1. The Dubai Mall
  2. Dubai Gold Souk
  3. Dubai Spice Souk
  4. Mall of the Emirates

The best tourist places in Dubai for shopping

The Dubai Mall

  • It is one of the best tourist places in Dubai for shopping enthusiasts and following the latest fashion lines and shouts.
  • The huge mall classified as the largest shopping centre in the world and the most popular and popular with buyers during the seasons of tourism in Dubai.
  • The mall includes about 1,200 stores, most of which are international brands in the field of fashion, cosmetics and perfumes such as Chanel, Zara and Forever 21.
  • In addition to jewellery shops, multi-storey restaurants, and cafes, and entertainment centres such as cinemas and the Dubai Aquarium.

Dubai Gold Souk

One of the best places in Dubai to visit especially for women who love gold jewellery. It is not only the UAE market most famous for selling gold, but it is also the most famous and richest in the world.

The market is located near the Gulf of Dubai, where you can enjoy while enjoying a fun cruise by ferry. It continues to work until ten in the evening, where the best times to visit in the evening.

Dubai Spice Souk

One of the best places in Dubai to visit despite its distance from the plans of tourists coming to it, visited by culinary enthusiasts who know the secrets and best flavours to buy the best spices.

  1. The UAE market, famous for selling spices from different countries of the world.
  2. It is located in the Ras region in Dubai on the Persian Gulf.
  3. It is characterized by the intertwining of its smart scents in a unique and strange mixture with coloured jute bags containing sharp Gulf, Persian and Indian spices.
  4. As well as street vendors selling incense sticks and hookahs.

If you want to violate the plans of other tourists and take a market tour during your Dubai tourism trip, you have made the decision, but try to master the negotiation skill before it.

Mall of the Emirates

  • One of the most famous malls and entertainment venues in Dubai that intended for locals and foreign tourists.
  • Alike to enjoy an unparalleled shopping tour among thousands of stores that sell goods from different local and international brands.
  • Before they end their shopping tour by spending fun time with the various entertainment centres that the mall provides for adults And kids like Ski Dubai.
  • Where snow skiing with equipment and accompanied by penguins and wonderful snowy snowbirds.
  • Complex cinemas and fine restaurants and a diverse and integrated game area.
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