Dh500 million to improve life of Dubai

His Highness sheikh Mohammed want to improve life of Dubai residents by providing a Dh500 million drive to boost and improve quality of life.

The Authorities goes back to people who can decide on how the money can be spent and what project to pursue further and communities would play a key part.

A lot of decision been made by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed made in a series of tweets after chairing the latest meeting of Dubai Council.

The main decision was twelve council integration will be built across Emirate.

Sheikh Mohammed declared the emirate’s young people would be exempt from electricity delivery fees for new residential homes, in which construction costs do not exceed Dh4 million.

To mention part of Dubai council meeting was to discuss to build 12 integrated councils across Dubai areas to serve as citizens’ meeting points during gatherings, functions and social events,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

With great contribution on its way many citizens who have mortgage or house loan will be exempted according to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid so far approved to exempt 422 citizens who have non-performing house loans from their debts to the programme, and to exempt all citizens from mortgage fees related to housing loans,” he wrote.

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