You are Responsible campaign reduce Corona in Eid Al Adha

UAE Citizens and residents launched a tag (You are Responsible) on social media platforms, to educate community members about the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures and preventive measures imposed by the state to combat the emerging coronavirus, with the aim of limiting the spread of the epidemic during the blessed Eid Al Adha holiday.

You are Responsible electronic campaign

You Are Responsible
You Are Responsible Electronic Campaign

They called on community members to prevent family gatherings and visits and not to accept the elderly and the owners of chronic diseases, and to transfer Eidiya to bank accounts instead of giving it cash to children and women, in order to preserve the safety of the community, and to prevent the high number of cases of coronavirus infection at the state level, and a commitment to health efforts made by the authorities Competent.

Diaa Imbaby said that the decision to ease the restrictions does not mean that the crisis is over, and that the virus has disappeared, but that it came to ease society and support the economy.

Yasser Ramzi confirmed that the positive numbers that have recently emerged, represented in the decrease in the number of deaths and cases infected with the virus in the state, came as a result of the commitment to preventive measures, pointing out that negligence in wearing masks and gloves will cause the number of cases infected with the virus to rise.

Nasser Obaid supported it, stressing that everyone in the society is responsible for their social and health actions, calling for avoiding shaking hands, not kissing the elderly and the owners of chronic diseases, or distributing gifts and meat to homes, because “this would contribute to increasing the number of HIV infections at the level of Country”.

Muhammad Hafnawi considered that the Eid Al Adha holiday is an opportunity to demonstrate the social responsibility, which is the need to adhere to preventive measures, by limiting family visits, applying social spacing, wearing masks and gloves, and replacing Idiya with bank transfers.

Ali Al-Saeed said that the joy of the feast lies in preserving the health of members of society from all groups, to reach zero injuries during the coming period. He pointed out that preventing gatherings, family visits and exchanging handshaking during the blessed Eid Al Adha holiday will lead to a decrease in the number of cases infected with “Corona”.

You are responsible … the slogan on social media

They added that the Eid Al Adha vacation is considered one of the factors that may lead to an increase in the number of affected cases, as a result of society’s accustomed to practicing certain customs and traditions on this occasion, such as feasts, the distribution of sacrifices and the establishment of banquets, pointing to the necessity of not accepting the elderly and the owners of chronic diseases, and ensuring social separation Adhere to other preventive measures to avoid turning the joy of Eid Al Adha into grief.

Salem Al-Husseini also called for not exchanging diets and sweets and relying on visual communication, remotely, to exchange congratulations on the coming of the feast, in order to preserve the health and safety of members of society and the efforts made by the state in combating the Coronavirus.

In May, the UAE launched a campaign under the same title (You are Responsible), as part of its plans to counter the emerging Coronavirus outbreak.

You are Responsible campaign aims

The campaign aimed to urge the public to seriously adhere to the precautionary and procedures instructions, and to warn against the negative impact of the failure of individuals and families to adhere to them, and also to invite the community to preserve the gains made since the beginning of the crisis.

Source: khaleejtimes
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