UAE and RCUAE send relief aid to the Yemeni people

The United Arab Emirates continues to provide its relief aid to the Yemeni people in order to provide a better life, alleviate the suffering, and normalize the lives of families.

Emirates Red Crescent Authority relief to Yemeni people

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority (RCUAE) provided 16 tons of relief materials to more than 1,400 families in Al-Waara camp in the coastal city of Al-Khokha, who fled five years ago from areas under the control of the Houthi coup forces.

Yemeni people appreciation to the UAE

The Yemeni people expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the United Arab Emirates and its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCUAE), for the great efforts made to overcome their suffering and the qualitative support provided by the Crescent in the basic aspects of their lives.

The Emirates Pakistan Hospital continues to provide medical services to flood victims in the villages

The Young Humanitarian Leaders Program

The Emirates Pakistan Voluntary Field Hospital continues to provide its services to patients and those affected by the floods in the Pakistani villages. The hospital has provided diagnostic, treatment and preventive services to hundreds of affected people since its opening last week under the supervision of UAE and Pakistani doctors who are volunteers in the Young Humanitarian Leaders Program within the framework of the Zayed Global Humanitarian Campaign and under the slogan « In the footsteps of Zayed »in coordination with the UAE embassy in Pakistan.

The humanitarian tasks of the UAE doctors are a continuation of the humanitarian and charitable tasks of the Zayed Giving Initiative in various countries of the world, which contributed to alleviating the suffering of millions of people, regardless of colour, gender, race or religion.

UAE-Pakistan Voluntary Field Hospital

The Ambassador for Humanitarian Action, Dr. Reem Othman, confirmed that the Emirates-Pakistan Voluntary Field Hospital was able to attract hundreds of medical personnel from the UAE and Pakistan, and enable them to volunteer in the field at the field hospital headquarters in Pakistani villages or virtually through the virtual remote medical response centre in Abu Dhabi.

The volunteer field hospital, in its current station, will intensify its humanitarian tasks for a month in the Pakistani villages to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the floods, as the hospital was able to sign medical examinations on hundreds of children, women and the elderly and provided the necessary medicines to them for free.

Source: WAM

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