World Bank: UAE is among world’s top Foreign investments

The World Bank has listed the UAE among 14 economies in the world preparing to receive talented people from all over the world again.

The World Bank’s report on the conditions of foreign workers in the world affirmed that although foreign workers residing in the UAE were affected by the repercussions of COVID-19, just like their counterparts in all countries of the world, and a number of them were forced to return to their countries, many world economies have already started a phase recovering from the repercussions of the pandemic.

UAE a major remittance source

The process of preparing to open its doors again to talents, competencies and high professional capabilities from all countries of the world. The World Bank report stated that the number of these economies is 14, most notably the UAE, Kuwait, Australia, Poland, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Konkh, Taiwan and the Maldives adding that the UAE remains a major source of remittances to many countries of the world, including the countries of the Indian subcontinent, the Philippines and Egypt.

World Bank: Foreign investments in UAE will not be affected by COVID-19

For its part, the International Monetary Fund confirmed that the flow of foreign direct investments to the UAE will not be greatly affected by the economic repercussions resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which led to a decline in economic and investment activity to an extent that is close to a complete halt in most countries of the world. The fund said in a report issued yesterday that the UAE is in the category of emerging markets that are not expected to witness a decline in the volume of foreign direct investment flows to them due to the impact of “COVID-19”.

World Bank market classification

The World Bank report classified emerging markets into two categories in terms of the impact of “COVID-19” on the volume of flows they receive from foreign capital and investment. The World Bank report stated that the countries belonging to the first category will not suffer a significant negative impact on the volume of capital inflows and foreign investments due to the repercussions of the pandemic.

UAEranking in the World Bank fund list

The World Bank fund listed the UAE at the forefront of countries belonging to this category and added to it Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Czech Republic and others. On the other hand, the Fund listed Latin American and African countries at the forefront of emerging markets that are expected to suffer a decline in the volume of foreign investments due to COVID-19″.

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