Why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

That’s why is Dubai so popular with tourists? The Emirates remained one of the main challenges that faced the booming tourism industry continuously in the rest of the seasons. Until tourism departments in the emirates of the country, several years ago. Which began to invent many activities and events.

Such as:
  • The Dubai Summer Surprises
  • The Summer Festival Abu Dhabi
  • The summer of Sharjah

With which the season gradually shifted from a tourist recession to an attraction season for domestic and foreign tourism, albeit at lower rates of course than other seasons.

Why is Dubai so popular with tourists?

Comprehensive tourism destination

Officials in the new cities and amusement parks in the country confirmed that these destinations succeeded, during limited years. In establishing the Emirates site as a comprehensive tourism destination. That has different tourism ingredients and attracting new segments of tourists. Especially young people, adventure lovers, and families, whether from the local market or foreign markets. Pointing Until the demand for these destinations increases every year.

Huge investment

According to a report issued by the “PwC” Consulting:

It expected that this sector in the Emirates will attract about 45 million visitors by 2021. The UAE confirms the strong position of the tourism sector in the Emirates and its role in promoting economic diversification plans. Which reflected in the huge investments in building global entertainment cities that compete with the most famous entertainment destinations in the world. such as Orlando and Florida. In order to expand The base of tourist attraction and diversification of visitor segments.

The tourism options system in the UAE

In addition, the managers of tourism companies unanimously agreed on the pivotal role of the huge cities and amusement parks that were inaugurated in the country during the past period. Providing the industry with the most important new tourist attraction element. On the agenda of options available to global tourist destinations and the highest in tourists spending. They expected that the new entertainment projects will supply the tourism sector in the country between 7 and 8 million new tourists. Who travel specifically to a limited number of tourist destinations in America, Europe, and Asia. In order to enjoy this product that would complement the tourism options system in the UAE.

According to the estimates of the World Association of Entertainment Centers:

The top ten entertainment cities in the world received more than 400 million visitors during the past year, with total spending exceeding $ 45 billion, is expected to rise to $ 56.4 billion in 2019, with average per capita spending rising to $ 47.5 compared to With $ 42 last year.

Tourists preferred destinations

The perfect choice for families, summer and winter

Yas Island is one of the most preferred destinations for guests and families throughout the year without exception. As it hosts two of the most prominent, covered entertainment cities that won the global award.

  • “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi”
  • «World Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi»

Along with the water games city «Yas Waterworld» which are all just minutes away from each other, to be the perfect choice to spend the best family times in summer and winter. The entertainment facilities in Yas welcome guests from all over the region and the world.

Such as:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. Russia
  4. India
  5. China

Stressing that the unique entertainment cities on Yas Island are contributing to the consolidation of Abu Dhabi’s status as a major and unique tourist destination aspiring tourists To visit her.

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