Why is Dubai city the safest in the world?

Dubai city topped the cities of the Middle East and Africa in digital security within the index of the world’s most secure cities for 2019 published by the unit «Economist Intelligence» of the Economist Foundation, where they participated in the 24th place with 74.1 points, ahead of Brussels, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and many world capitals Ancient.

Dubai city is among the safest cities in the world

According to the index, Dubai shared 26th place globally among the safest cities in the sub-infrastructure security index. While they jumped to 12th places in the personal security index, ahead of cities such as Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, and Madrid.

As for the sub-health security index, Dubai came in 31st with 70.5 points. The general index showed that Dubai is the city of the Middle East and Africa in terms of security, and it ranked 28th globally, respectively.

Dubai city topped the cities of the Middle East and North Africa in the list of the safest cities in the world, according to the classification prepared by the British research group «Economist Intelligence Unit».

The report, which covered 60 cities that are the most secure in the world. It was based on four main indicators of the evaluation:

1- Digital security, which measures the quality of digital security in the city, rates of identity theft, and other factors related to digital security.

2- Health security, which looks at the average life expectancy of the city’s residents. As well as the percentage of hospital beds, compared to the population.

3- Infrastructure safety. The road quality and the number of people who died due to natural disasters are seen.

4- Personal security that depends on traditional safety standards. Such as crime rates, the level of police intervention and the number of crime victims.

Digital security index

In the digital security index, Abu Dhabi and Dubai city ranked equally in the first place in the Middle East, and the 24th in the world, achieving 74.1 points. In the Health Security Index, Abu Dhabi ranked first in the Middle East and 29th in the world with 71.9 points. As well as, followed by Dubai in second place in the Middle East and 31th in the world, achieving 70.5 points.

Infrastructure safety index

As for the infrastructure safety index, the two emirates topped the Middle East and North Africa region again and ranked 26th on an equal basis with 83.2 points. While Abu Dhabi ranked first in the Middle East and eleventh globally in the Personal Security Index with 88.9 points. Followed by Dubai in the twelfth globally. Score 88.6 points on the index.

The “Economist” said that the field of personal security witnessed an evolution in the past few years. As Dubai Police recently joined the first smart robot police in the world who patrol shopping centres and tourist sites.

In addition, the robot contains a built-in tablet that enables people to take advantage of smart police services. By using credit cards to perform fines, reporting crimes and obtaining safety information. As well as contacting the nearest police station if necessary.

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