WHO highlights the UAE’s efforts to combat Corona

The World Health Organization WHO announced on Tuesday that 100 shipments of supplies to combat the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19) exited the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, UAE, during the period from January to March, compared to a total of 92 shipments in 2019.

The WHO described the coronavirus hypothesis as “appalling” as the health care system lost more than 50% of its operational capacity.

The organization stated through its account on the social networking site “Twitter” that:

These supplies reached 53 countries in the six regions of the organization.

The six regions are
  1. Southeast Asia
  2. Americas
  3. Africa
  4. Western Pacific
  5. Eastern Mediterranean
  6. Europe

Helping Yemen to cope with coronavirus outbreak

The World Health Organization WHO stresses the role of both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates‘ role in transferring assistance to Yemen. In order to help Yemen cope with the outbreak of corona.

The WHO envoy stated that:

There are 30 meetings in Yemen with the exception of the displacement movement and the difficulty in obtaining health care, adding that the organization cannot reach certain areas.

The World Health Organization opened a bridge for aid to Yemen. In order to increase the number of Coronavirus testing equipment from hundreds to thousands.

Corona risks to Yemen are devastating

If the coronavirus circulates in Yemen, the risk level will be high in relation to the significant effect (the virus) on people. Because of the limited health vaccinations. In addition to less than 50% working in the health system.

“Thanks to the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with payment from the British government, we opened an air support bridge and provided us (Yemen) with thousands of inspection equipment.”

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