What makes Dubai Special and Attractive for Tourists

Possibly the most iconic city in the world, Dubai rose to fame thanks to its claim of being the world’s fastest-growing city.

This city has converted from being a small Gulf country to being one of the hottest business hubs in the world in a matter of 40 years.

Dubai has earned and preserved its position as the fourth most visited city in the world in Mastercard’s Global Destinations Cities Index. As the most gorgeous destination in the Middle East and Africa region for world-wide visitors.

Below are some of the most amazing places which makes Dubai Special:

  • Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world
  • Dubai Mall (a premier shopping mall with an ice-skating rink, gaming zone, and cinema complex).
  • Burj Al Arab – the greatest deluxe hotel in the world. Being the only 7-star hotel.
  • Dubai Museum (housed inside the 18th century Al-Fahidi Fort),
  • Bastakia (Old Dubai),
  • Palm island – extravagance island made in the shape of palm
  • Dubai wonder garden offers a exclusively multi-coloured experience with its sculptures, figures and shapes made of blossoming flowers.
  • Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House (Home to the Ruler of Dubai who ruled the city from 1921 to 1958),
  • Dubai Creek,
  • Jumeirah Mosque,
  • Deira,
  • Heritage and Diving Village.

People are also charmed by the idea of spending time at the beach and going to the desert where one can ride a dune, go on a safari or ride a camel.

Having welcomed over 15.96 million tourists in 2019 and presuming to cross 16 million in 2019, the UAE’s position in the global ranking also stands strong at fifth position, according to international market research company Euro Observer International’s Top 100 City Destinations 2019 report.

Extra Motives why Dubai so Popular:

Rapid Development

Dubai is one of the most speedily developing cities in the world. At any given moment, there is some skyscraper being built to add to the city’s skyline.

Business Hub

The development in financial and business services, employment and logistics, and tourism activity, over the last couple of eras, has played an important role in fuelling Dubai’s emergence as a global business hub.

Best Tourist Attraction in World

The other thought for appropriate the best tourist target is that it has world best tourist fascinations like tallest building in the world burj khalifa, One and only seven star hotel in the world burj al Arab, World biggest and special shopping malls like Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, World Largest Aquarium, The Palm Island, Heaven on Earth The Miracle Garden and many more.

One of the Rapidest Increasing Cities in the World

Last year Dubai was classified as the World’s rapid Growing Metropolitan City for its developing economy.

Dubai a Fantasy Land

With so much luxury, attraction and amazing projects Dubai always portrays itself as the fantasy land for the tourists.

Luxurious Dubai Beaches

Dubai is blessed with long stretched beaches. Dubai also has worked hard to extend its coastline by building developments like The Palm, The World etc. Despite its hot weather, Dubai is most widespread with beaches and simply can’t be beaten for its fitting.

Air Hub

In 2014 Dubai International Airport became the busiest airport in the World with more than 70 million passengers.

Bollywood Glamour

 Dubai has developed like the 2nd home for most of the Bollywood stars. Big Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Bachchan Family, Ranbir Kapoor and many more have their Villas in Dubai.

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