What is international city Dubai?

Dubai International City is well known for being the affordable housing capital of the ever-expanding real estate market in Dubai. Investing in the international city is a popular choice, as it ranked fifth on the list of most sought after apartments in Dubai, and ranked sixth of the most sought after apartments in Dubai.

Since its launch by major developer Nakheel in 2002, the region has been known for its unique low-rise residential complexes with a unique rural character. The International City Dubai is located near important neighbourhoods in Dubai such as Academic City, Dubai Silicon Oasis and Al Warqa, which increases the attractiveness of both buyers and tenants to the region.

One of the biggest benefits of settling in the city is the possibility to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of different communities in a gated complex while maintaining an average price range. In the international city Dubai Guide, you will find a detailed overview of what the area revolves around, where anyone planning to move to the region can take advantage of the most prominent points around the region to make a sound decision.

The international city Dubai developed by Nakheel Properties is located in Al Warsan, adjacent to the central vegetable and fruit market in Dubai, at the junction of Emirates Road and Al Khail Road. Also known as the city of China, it is a popular residential choice among expats. The cosmopolitan city covers an area of ​​8.2 square kilometres and can accommodate more than 60,000 people in its various residential areas.

The positives of housing in the international city Dubai

  1. The cultural diversity of architecture
  2. The main ports
  3. Their prices are reasonable
  4. Residential real estate
  5. Commercial real estate
  6. fun activities
  7. Dragon Mart Dubai “Dragon Mart”
  8. Health care institutions
  9. Mosques and places of worship
  10. Restaurants

The cultural diversity of architecture

The cosmopolitan city has reinforced the welcoming image of Dubai, which embraces many residential areas and retail outlets to cater to the needs of people from all over the world, who represent diverse cultures and backgrounds. The design of residential neighbourhoods was also inspired by several countries in the world.

In general, the cosmopolitan city embraces the cultural diversity that is typical and natural in Dubai.

The regions are:

  1. Chinese style: located in one of the corners of the residential area
  2. England style: displays traditional London architecture
  3. France style: consists of 3 and 4-storey apartment blocks, designed in red and grey bricks and French windows
  4. Persian style: located in the hub of the residential neighbourhood in International City
  5. Greece style: located on the edge of the area
  6. Spain style: It features 3 and 4-storey buildings, reflecting the traditional exterior design of stucco decorated with Spanish drawings
  7. Morocco style: In the neighbourhood, there are 3 3-storey buildings decorated with wide arched windows, plaster walls, natural terracotta, and green tiles
  8. Italy style: contains 2 to 4 storey blocks
  9. Emirates style: located in the northeastern side of the residential area
  10. Central region: It consists of a parking area, a number of sports clubs, public parks, shops, restaurants, and swimming pools
  11. Forbidden City: It spans 240,000 square meters and has 2,000 parking spaces
  12. Lakes region: it includes Al Warsan Lake

The main ports

This region is located in the heart of Dubai, which allows access to it from all exits of the city. In addition to its proximity to Dubai Academic City, which is rich in elite universities in Dubai. In addition to that, it includes a group of restaurants, cafes, laundry shops, and spa centres. It is worth noting that the public bus network of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai also serves the international city.

 Their prices are reasonable

Affordability is one of the main concerns of all, as most housing properties in Dubai are a little expensive, but according to the Bayot Report of the Dubai Real Estate Market for the second half of 2018, it was found that the International City is one of the most suitable areas for housing in Dubai, based on its acceptable prices in Rent and purchase, except for the high return on investment.

Residential real estate

The price of renting a small studio whose size ranges from 430 square feet to 484 square feet is 28 thousand dirhams annually. While the rent of the largest studio that extends over an area between 613 square feet to 634 square feet ranges between 31 thousand dirhams to 33 thousand d Per year. While the rent for one-bedroom apartments in International City ranges between 30 thousand dirhams and 40 thousand dirhams annually. Which is very acceptable compared to other residential units in Dubai. There are also two-bedroom apartments for rent in International City, whose rent starts from 40,000 dirhams to 70,000 dirhams.

Commercial real estate

The rent price for commercial units located near the car park is AED 54.86 per square foot. Similarly, the cost of commercial units located on the main road in International City ranges from AED 64.84 per square foot to AED 68.25 per square foot. While commercial real estate located at The rotor is available at a price of 74.81 AED per square foot to 78.75 AED per square foot. In addition to the need to mention that the insurance amount for these units is 5000 dirhams.

fun activities

The International City is located near the Emirates Desert Equestrian Club, the Palm Club for Polo and Wildlife in Ras Al Khor and the Dragon Mall “Dragon Mall”.

The city is 24 minutes by car from Jumeirah Beach, 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport, 41 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport and 21 minutes from the downtown area of ​​Dubai.

Dragon Mart Dubai “Dragon Mart”

Dragon Mall, which located in the International City Dubai, developed by China Mix. This mall hosts about 4000 stores, with Carrefour hypermarket, a 3-star hotel of 2,400 rooms, and NOVO Cinemas. It extends over an area of ​​175 thousand square meters with 4,500 parking spaces. The Dragon Market is also the ideal destination for Chinese products. A portal for Chinese manufacturers and merchants to help them enter the world of regional trade.

Health care institutions

There are many and varied health care centres in this region or its vicinities. Such as Aster and Amber Clinic, except for the presence of a group of pharmacies that serve this area as well.

Mosques and places of worship

Inside the cosmopolitan city, a group of mosques developed. Such as the Cabin Mosque in the Persian region, the Sheikh Abdul Hamid Mosque in the neighbourhood of Spain and the Light Mosque in the England region. In addition to mosques, there are many churches, such as the City Church and Saint Mary’s Church.


This huge residential area includes a group of international restaurants and cafes known to everyone.

Such as:

  • Chili’s Restaurant
  • Le Pen Cotidien Restaurant
  • Starbucks Café

They are offering delicious meals from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to a variety of refreshing and fresh drinks and do not forget the smell of breath.

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