UAE solidarity with the victims of Sudan’s floods

UAE relief plane, provided by the Emirates Red Crescent, arrived at Khartoum Airport, to support the Sudanese government’s efforts to provide urgent and necessary humanitarian needs for those victims of Sudan’s floods affected by the torrents and floods.

victims of Sudan’s floods gets world attention

The UAE sent humanitarian aid to Sudan

The plane carried large quantities of medical supplies, food and shelter, and was received by the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Abbas Fadlallah, the Secretary-General of the Expatriate Authority, McCain Hamed, and the Emirati ambassador to Sudan, Hamad Al-Junaibi.

The Emirati ambassador in Khartoum said that this plane of aid is not the first, and the support received in Sudan will continue under the directives of the UAE’s high command.

“From my heart, peace to Khartoum” … Arab solidarity with the victims of Sudan’s floods

Solidarity with victims of Sudan’s floods crisis that struck it recently, killing 101 people, injuring dozens and destroying thousands of homes.

The pioneers of social networking sites launched several hashtags in solidarity with Sudan and victims of Sudan’s floods, some of which are leading the trend in a number of Arab countries, including “From My Heart, Peace to Khartoum,” with which thousands of people, public figures and artists participated in the Arab world.

The Sudanese Ministry of Interior announced, that the floods had caused the total collapse of 24,582 homes, about 40,000 other homes were partially damaged, as well as 179 facilities, 354 shops and warehouses, and 5482 heads of livestock were killed, while rescue teams were still on the move. On duty in the country.

Bin Zayed solidarity to victims of Sudan’s floods

For his part, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, affirmed the UAE’s solidarity with Sudan and tweeted: “Our solidarity with brotherly Sudan to overcome its ordeal after the torrents and floods that swept it and resulted in the loss of life, and our sincere condolences to the families of the victims of Sudan’s floods and our wishes for a cure. Urgent for the injured and safety for the brotherly Sudanese people from all harm.

Faris Awad solidarity to victims of Sudan’s floods

The Emirati sports commentator, Faris Awad, also shared his solidarity with the victims of the torrents and floods, saying: “The pictures are painful and cruel, the scenes are heart-wrenching. Damage of nearly half a million, and the collapse of about 100 thousand homes. O Lord, have mercy on your kindness, help and generosity with its good people. Oh God, protect them and relieve their distress.

The representative of the ruler in the Al Dhafra Region, the head of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, announced the provision of urgent humanitarian aid to victims of Sudan’s floods. The Emirates Red Crescent Authority, by providing urgent humanitarian aid to those affected, and our sincere condolences to the families of the victims, and we pray to God that the injured have a speedy recovery.

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