An Exclusive interview with professional boxer Ünsal Arık

We present you with an exclusive interview with the professional boxer Ünsal Arık that took place through UAEVOICE, through our questions he was able to express his opinion on more than one topic related to the current circumstances locally and globally.

Brief about the professional boxer Ünsal Arık

Ünsal Arık is a football player previously and is currently a professional boxer and world champion in boxing. He started the sport of boxing at the age of thirty after the end of his football career and became one of the most important and famous professional boxers in the world.

The most prominent successes Ünsal Arık achieved internationally

  1. Germany GBA International Champion
  2. WBF International Champion
  3. European Champion IBF
  4. IBF International Champion
  5. IBF Intercontinental Champion
  6. Provisional World Champion WBU

The interview goes as the following

Does Ünsal Arık think sports and boxing have an effect in uniting people?

Ünsal Arık said; It definitely has an impact not only in boxing but also in all sports. In sports, it does not matter who you are, Muslim, Christian, Jew, people are enjoying, excited, happy, and laughing through sports.

Why did Ünsal Arık choose boxing in particular and what did he learn in your life from boxing in general?

Ünsal Arık said; Actually, he is originally a soccer player. He was a football player for the Turkish team, Fenerbahce, and after going from there, while he was intending to conduct his career in Germany, one of the two teams that he had contact with at the time, namely, Kogeli Sport, who was playing in the first-class league, and the Polyspor team, who plays in the second division. He broke his foot right after that, and his football career ended. Then he started boxing at the age of thirty. While the work started in box sports as an identity, the issue turned into a serious matter and the place he reached today became a great thing.

What is Ünsal Arık opinion in general about the economic situation in Turkey these days? What is the reason for the deterioration of the economic situation in your opinion?

Ünsal Arık said; The economic situation of Turkey is clear, the rise of the euro of 8.60 (against the Turkish lira) This clearly shows the collapse of the country. Of course, this economic collapse is due to the president. There is a man who thinks about his pocket, not his country and his nation. The richer it gets, the more it comes on our heads and we become poorer.

How does Ünsal Arık see converting the Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque?

Ünsal Arık said; In fact, this showed him that there is absolutely no respect for any other religion or culture. Erdogan’s character was clear, but he made this point clearer. But Erdogan was compelled to do so because, for the time being, there was nothing left to tell the nation in Turkey.

The economy is over, there is no money. They don’t have jobs to give, and don’t have property. What Erdogan did was send the nation to get gas (natural gas), and make the church like a mosque.

Does Ünsal Arık think that the situation in Turkey now needs one of Ataturk’s values and reputation?

Ünsal Arık is sure that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk does not want us to be perfectionists. Mustafa Kemal prepared the infrastructure for them. He left them a country that was open to the world, where everyone had the right to freedom, but they did not understand the value of that. Now before they have an extremist Muslim man.

Ünsal Arık continued his speech saying that; now, some Turkish people, who began to think about the importance of their electoral votes, are gradually distancing themselves from Erdogan. Why simply because Erdogan does not have the money now. And because like these (religious extremists and those who encourage him) their religion is money.

Of course, their country needs a president who looks to the future, is as smart and informed as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk .. For example, this could be President Mansour Yavas from Ünsal Arık point of view.

How does Ünsal Arık see the future of Turkey and how does he see Turkey after 10 years?

Ünsal Arık said: It is now assumed that the new president will be elected within two years, so, he hopes that God will give patience and strength to those who will rule.

Because the future president will not be able to do whatever he wants whoever developed in the beginning. Because he must first clean up the mess Erdogan made for 18 years. He hopes that the new president will restore the party system first and that this dictatorial system will end.

What does Ünsal Arık think of the UAE’s recent efforts to overcome Corona?

Ünsal Arık said: Comparing the increase in the number of cases and deaths, He sees that things are going well and controlled in the UAE.

From Ünsal Arık point of view during that period people should think about each other, especially Muslims, but this is what makes him think with astonishment because their religion is Islam, praise be to God, their religion is full of love and peace, but he does not understand why they do not think about each other, they do not respect each other, and also they do not wear masks.

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