United Arab Emirates National day

The date of the Emirati National Day of December falls, as the United Arab Emirates celebrates every year, and on this date the anniversary of the founding of its federation. Which first established in 1971 AD by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may God have mercy on him. He was the first president of the Emirates since the formation of the federation in 1971 until the date of his death in 2004 AD. In addition to being the ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi from 1966 CE until 2004 AD. It should be noted that he was called the father of the state, because of its distinguished and effective role in forming the Federation of Emirates.

History of the United Arab Emirates National Day

The UAE National Day

The Emirati National Day is considered a special occasion for the state, like all government departments, and all private departments. As it suspended for two days to celebrate this day, and its most important activities are:

  1. Celebrations, events, and various activities.
  2. Festive rallies in cars and decorate cars with various logos. Firework firing.
  3. Holding a group of different national exhibitions.

Stages of establishing the Federation of the United Arab Emirates

The idea of establishing the Federation of the United Arab Emirates was born since Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan – may God have mercy on him. He assumed the rule of Abu Dhabi in 1966 and coincided with Britain’s announcement to withdraw from all Gulf regions in 1968 AD. As this helped to overcome many difficulties, and accordingly, met Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. He discussed matters of the Emirates Union to protect the oil coast emirates. So a federal agreement resulted between the two emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After that Sheikh Zayed called for a union between the seven emirates. In 1971 AD six emirates united together. knowing That the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah joined in 1972 AD. The Akh Zayed bin Sultan, president of the United Arab Emirates.

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