Unique UAE Confrontation Procedures Against Coronavirus

The UAE has taken a number of exemplary measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus infection. With the provision of support in various quarters in the world, in coordination with the World Health Organization and providing various initiatives to contribute to the evacuation of the trapped in China. The values ​​of the humanitarian Emirates based on extending help and assistance and solidarity with peoples and societies in crises And disasters.

The Emirates Model measures to confront “Corona”

  1. It announced to own a strategic stock of medical supplies, to raise the readiness of qualified laboratories to carry out viral tests. In order to coordinate continuously with the World Health Organization and research centres.
  2. Designate a communication centre in the Chinese language to inquire about the disease and to report suspected cases.
  3. The foremost of these measures is the circulation of thermal detection devices in the country’s ports and airports.

The most prominent symptoms of infection

  1. Sore throat
  2. Headache
  3. High body temperature
  4. Dry cough

The patient who feels these symptoms must communicate with health care and avoid mixing with others. put a muzzle, and is interested in washing hands for 20 seconds with water, soap and alcohol sterilizers.

The Quarantine Requirements Guide – “Covid 19”

Outlined 13 requirements and criteria for controlling infection and limiting its spread.

The overall goal of the guide is to

  • Control the spread of infectious diseases by reducing exposure to patients or potential disease.
  • Prevent and combat the spread of infectious diseases within the United Arab Emirates.
  • Protect society by prohibiting exposure to people who suffer or may have a contagious disease.
  • As well as preventing the outbreak of serious infectious diseases, and reducing the cost of health care.

 Infection control and control requirements and standards include:

  1. The presence of hand sanitizer hanging on the walls of places where it is necessary.
  2. The presence of hand soap hanging on the walls of the places where it is necessary.
  3. A record of attendance and departure for visitors to monitor entry and exit traffic.
  4. The presence of paper tissues hanging on the walls of the places required to be available there.
  5. As well as, Having single-use food equipment.
  6. The presence of single-use personal hygiene items.
  7. The presence of personal protective equipment and tools for each of the “persons placed under the stone, the medical staff, the liaison officers from the concerned authorities, the visitors” such as the protective mask and the protective garment as well as the gloves.
  8. In addition, Containers for throwing medical waste and a clear mechanism for disposal.
  9. The presence of a mechanism to wash and clean clothes and bed covers for people under the stone.
  10. The presence of protective guards is hanging in the walls of all rooms, in the entrances and exits, as well as in the corridors.
  11. As well as, Separate ventilation or air conditioning system is available for each room.
  12. The presence of an isolation room equipped and conforming to all standards and requirements in the place of quarantine. In order to take all preventive measures until the completion of the process of transferring the injured person to a health facility in the event of symptoms of the disease.
  13. Eventually, Having a licensed and equipped clinic to follow up on cases and provide the necessary medical and psychological support or provide a mobile clinic.

World Health organization praises the UAE efforts

“World Health” commends the efforts of the UAE to evacuate nationals of other countries

UAE’s humanitarian initiative

In a statement to Al-Bayan, a WHO spokesman:
  • He praised the UAE’s humanitarian initiative for the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him.
  • As well as, The orders of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
  • The evacuation of the citizens of a number of brotherly and friendly countries from the Chinese city of Wuhan to the homeland.
  • Finally, Hosting them in the humanitarian city to ensure their safety and freedom from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and provide them with treatments.

He added: The World Health Organization extends its sincere gratitude to the government of the United Arab Emirates. For providing a dedicated plane to help us transport our teams and medical equipment to Iran within a few days.

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UAE humanitarian city

Here is the city of humanity … the UAE saves the victims of the Coronavirus

The UAE prepares a city in 48 hours for the Chinese Hubei returnees

  • The Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi receives citizens of a number of brotherly and friendly countries.
  • After their evacuation from the Chinese province of Hubei, the epicentre of the outbreak of the new Corona Virus “Covid 19”.
  • Eventually, At the request of their governments and upholding the values ​​of the humanitarian Emirates based on extending help and assistance and solidarity with peoples and societies in crises And disasters.
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