UN praises the UAE for supporting Africa

The United Nations (UN) has expressed praise for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) contribution of medical supplies to African countries. Medical supplies are running low in many countries and these contributions will help provide care to many people.

UN & UAE Humanitarian aid increases

The UAE sent approximately 33 tons of medical supplies to Ethiopia on the 13th of April. In addition, This medical aid delivery was in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO). It also provided 15 tons of the delivered supplies. Eventually, These critical supplies will help thousands of healthcare workers.

This delivery was part of the UAE’s commitment to helping other countries stop the spread of Coronavirus. The UAE has a strong humanitarian approach to the global situation.

Solidarity Flights Begin

The United Nations (UN) “Solidarity Flight” program has begun. The first flight left Addis Ababa in Ethiopia on the 14th of April. The Solidarity Flight also will deliver medical supplies to every country within the African continent.

How has COVID-19 affected Ethiopia?

Ethiopia currently has a very low number of infected cases. There are only 85 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. finally, Three people have died.

If critical medical supplies run out there is a concern that the virus will spread quickly. It is essential that the Ethiopian authorities do everything that they can to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. As well as, other countries that have failed to contain the virus have seen a rapid increase in infections.

Tireless efforts from frontline workers

WHO operates a logistics center in Dubai. A team of seven workers operates out of this facility. Over 130 shipments of medical supplies and personal protective equipment sent from the center. So, the supplies have been shipped to 95 different countries within six regions that are protected by the WHO.

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