UAE’s United Nations Ambassador delivers statement at 41st Session of Human Rights’ Council

The Permanent Representative of the United Arabs Emirates to the United Nations and Other International Organization in Geneva, Obaid Salem Al Zaabi delivered his statement at the 41st session of Human Rights Council in Geneva. He made his statement during an interactive discussion along with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria.

The ambassador welcomed the members of the commission and also appreciates their efforts for keeping the council updated about the ongoing developments in the crisis of Syria in the first quarter of 2019; it was kept in line with the Human Rights Council Resolution 40/17.

During the session the ambassador also expressed the concerns of the United Arabs Emirates about the European Union and the United Nations. The European Union reported of the rise in violence in Idlib resulting the death and injury of many civilians. The violence has also forced relocation of several refugees into the neighboring nations; these reports were also confirmed by the Head of the Commission.

Al Zaabi further said that the United Arabs Emirates requested all the parties to obey the ceasefire agreement and also respect its implementation while keeping in mind the worsening of the situation and also the humanitarian conditions in different parts of Syria including Idlib and Hama.

He also pointed that the United Arabs Emirates has donated about US$65 million to the Brussels Conference in order to support the future of Syria and its nearby regions. Towards the end of his statement he said that improving the political situation in Syria was the only way to bring about a change to the situation.

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