UAE’s space ventures fly against the will of coronavirus

A UAE newspaper said that 2020 may be the year of the coronavirus where the entire planet’s thought was roaming around a single epidemic. That resulted in dragging millions into an abysmal universe of sudden darkness and doom beyond their grasp. But the UAE is doing a great job regarding the space exploration.

“Truly, it has been quite a year like no other. Leaving an unprecedented trail of deaths which number millions in its wake”. Gulf Today said in a Saturday editorial.

Space exploration was the hope during the bleak 2020

Nevertheless, there were rays of hope also in the broad, broad, sea of despondency and catastrophe. And one area that displayed extraordinary activity in these distressing times was the space industry. This offered some respite from the worries about the virus.

It promises to do the same in 2021. With the Mars landings in February and the expected launch of the replacement to the Hubble Space Telescope next fall. The next-generation James Webb Space Telescope. Elon Musk’s SpaceX was the first private enterprise to send humans into orbit. A feat claimed historically by only three global superpowers.

In 2020, China has set its sights on the moon. Landing and then blasting off the lunar surface in December with the first moon rocks found since the 1970s for return to Earth. Japan’s second asteroid batch in a decade took back fragments of asteroid Ryugu.

“The paper noted, “The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) is a shining example of creativity, adventurism and futuristic endeavor, which has never been seen before. The UAE has also pioneered the first interplanetary mission of the Arab world. Not only to the delight of thousands of expectant Emiratis, but also of the region.

The Hope Probe, launched this year on July 20, is expected to enter its anticipated orbit around Mars on February 9, 2021.

It is really the end of a 50-year journey that originated in 1971. It also signals the launch of another 50 years that will bring in important milestones in the fields of research, knowledge and creativity.

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