UAE’s mass Covid-19 tests campaign achieve a new record 

The spread of the global epidemic of Corona has not prevented the United Arab Emirate’s mass Covid-19 tests from achieving its ambitious targets that have long been based on achieving one number in many areas and occupying a global leader in many indicators, the last of which was to overcome the tests that were conducted to detect the emerging coronavirus, the barrier of two million. Within the national plan to increase the tests for the virus, as the number reached, as of Monday evening, yesterday, 2,044,493 tests, His Excellency Dr. Anwar Muhammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said in a tweet on Twitter in this regard, that “The UAE methodology in dealing with the Corona pandemic is scientific and comprehensive … and bypassing the two million mark, it examined a milestone in the right way.”

UAE mass Covid-19 tests new record

Over two million Covid-19 tests

mass Covid-19 tests
Appreciation for doctors at UAE

These numbers, the significance of which does not mean numerical value, insofar as they indicate human meanings related to concern for the safety of citizens and residents in the UAE, confirm the values ​​and best practices followed by the state in combating the spread of the epidemic, and the size of efforts made in various medical centers, examination and quarantine centers The health and cooperation shown by the state community in order to succeed in the national efforts to limit the spread of Corona, where His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, said this number confirms the UAE’s determination to limit the spread of the virus, and that “our goal is to be proactive in Uncovering more cases, especially as we are in an important stage of containing the virus that requires everyone to take responsibility and continued cooperation in order to be for our brothers in the first line of defense and with our leadership and safe exit, God willing, from this stage. ”

New methods to detect coronavirus

The growing number of tests carried out by the specialized agencies in the UAE to detect the new coronavirus is not the only thing that indicates concern for the safety and health of the Emirati society, but the data also revealed that the rate of recovery of the injured from the disease exceeded 52%, as the number of those who recovered From the new Coronavirus until last Monday evening to 15,657 cases, which indicates the quality of health care provided by state hospitals, and the ability of health workers, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics, to deal with the disease efficiently and competently, and their standing on the cases of those with the highest forms of dedication, dedication, and sincerity in Giving.

UAE model in corona examination

The UAE’s assumption of global leadership in terms of the number of new mass Covid-19 tests, equivalent to 21.82% of the total population of 9366829 people, means that its orientation towards intensifying the tests came from its keenness to proactively detect cases of HIV infection, which enables it to Interact early with the infected and subjecting them to the required treatment before it is too late, and thus easy for them to limit the spread of the virus, and gives the residents of the state deep feelings of reassurance about their health and the health of their loved ones, as they live in a country whose primary and last leadership is to enjoy a life full of contentment, stability, security, and safety.

UAE mass Covid-19 tests campaign means for the future

The blessed Eid Al-Fitr has appeared this year on the UAE and the world in exceptional and new circumstances, and a stage that is considered a milestone in the history of mankind, requiring everyone to adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures, so that with the help of the Almighty and the good people of the homeland, we can move to a future in which they enjoy health and safety, after That the disease be controlled and contained, so that the Emirates, as is always the case, represents a global model to be followed in dealing with all crises with transparency and confidence, thanks to the vision of its rational leadership that urged concerted efforts, synergy, and solidarity in order to safeguard the health and safety of members of society and give them all the feelings Nirvana and reassurance of their lives.

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