UAE investment environment creates conducive to business

The UAE Minister of State and CEO of ADNOC and its group of companies Sultan Al Jaber confirmed that the UAE investment environment has succeeded in stimulating the business sector and attracts foreign investments characterized by security, reliability, credibility, and stability, supported by a solid legislative and legal system, and established a unique model for building partnerships and stimulating investment opportunities.

The UAE investment environment credibility

This came in a “remote” dialogue session, organized by the World Government Summit in the series of government sessions and COVID-19, entitled “Regional and global investments after the COVID-19 pandemic,” which aimed to shape the features of the next stage and to anticipate the future of investment and its new directions in light of the opening of opening procedures Progressive to most economies around the world.

The UAE Minister of State said that, the UAE investment environment this week with a value of 76 billion dirhams confirms the importance of the assets of the energy sector and infrastructure in the UAE and Abu Dhabi to investors, its great returns and low risks.

Al-Jaber added: “There is no doubt that signing a deal of this size and importance in light of the exceptional circumstances the world is going through reflects the confidence of the global investment community in the UAE and its position as a reliable investment destination, stressing that such an agreement equivalent to $20 billion is the latest example of ability.” ADNOC and the UAE to attract prestigious investment institutions.

The CEO of ADNOC and its group of companies pointed out that there are many qualitative opportunities for international investors in various sectors in the UAE including energy, infrastructure, and logistical services.

The UAE investment environment is focusing today on developing our position as a centre for

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Health care sectors
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Agriculture

As well as the country’s leadership position in the field of renewable and clean energy, which integrates with the oil and gas sector, all of which are distinguished investments available to investors from around the world.

UAE investment environment constant against the Corona pandemic

On a question about the extent of the UAE investment environment’s success in confronting the Corona pandemic, Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber affirmed that the state responded to this challenge in an exceptional way and developed a very distinctive model in its deliberate dealing with the global health pandemic.

During the session, the participants emphasized that the UAE investment environment represents an ideal environment that attracts and stimulates foreign investment, noting that future investments will be directed to sectors such as energy, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Bruce Flat, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management, pointed out the UAE investment environment‘s attractiveness for foreign investment, noting that the company’s approach is to carefully select investment destinations in countries with a broad investment horizon, which has a culture of respect for capital and guarantees the ability to work according to the highest standards Globalism.

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