UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign to Produce Corona Vaccine

With the worsening of the Corona pandemic and its spread throughout the world, the United Arab Emirates has taken upon itself, in cooperation with its strategic partners, the task of addressing and limiting the spread of this epidemic through its initiative UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign.

UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign

Under the direct direction of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Chinese company Sinopharm and G42 to start conducting global clinical trials for the third phase of a potential vaccine in the United Arab Emirates with the participation of 15,000 volunteers of different ethnicities during the coming weeks and months through the UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign, in coordination with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) under the supervision Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.

The Health of volunteering to support Corona vaccine trials in the UAE

The UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign journey begins on the day “zero”, where he takes the first dose, then any side effects are followed up on the third, seventh and fourteenth days until the second dose is taken on day 21, and then the side effects are examined again until the 49th day.

Aref Al Awani, General Secretary, speaks about volunteering to participate in clinical trials for the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, and about the sense of national spirit involved in making change 4 humanity.

The UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign for Phase III inactivated COVID-19 vaccine trials are able to use Al-Hosn App, in order to identify themselves throughout all stages of the trials, after updating the app.

Conditions and procedures for registration in UAE Volunteer 4 Humanity Campaign

– The age group of the volunteer from 18 years and over, based on health status.

– Registration using official papers – ID/passport.

– The volunteer must be residing in the Emirates or have a valid residency during the probation period.

– The applicant is subject to an evaluation of his eligibility to participate in the trials.

– Signing the informational form before starting the experiment.

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