UAE – US Arms Deal will strengthen the Abraham Accords

According to a report on Tuesday, the Trump administration is trying to drive through an ambitious arms package for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This includes 50 of the fifth-generation F-35 stealth warplanes and 18 Reaper drones.

A game changer for the UAE

This is the Emirates’ game changer. Back in 2017, the UAE told the US it was pursuing 24 F-35s. According to Military Reports, and that it needed to replace or update its 63 French Mirage 2000 aircraft. The F-35 was designed by Lockheed Martin and is a special aircraft. According to the firm, about 585 of the aircraft have been constructed since 2011, with 131 delivered in 2019.

The US systems numbers connected by the UAE to the US and Israel, which run many of the same systems, is good. This might lead to a kind of trilateral military partnership, collaborating on air defense and flying F-35s and F-16s together between the UAE, Israel and the U.S. Due to its outsized military spending, the UAE has already been dubbed ‘little Sparta’. The word may not be acceptable. It may be something like little Athens, which also spent heavily in naval superiority and defenses.

Terrorism fighting is the priority

The UAE has an impressive air force and has been participating in campaigns in the region: against ISIS and against Houthi rebels supported by Iran in Yemen. The UAE takes terrorism fighting seriously and it takes huge leaps towards eliminating such threat once and for all.

“This is in consideration of our deepening relationship and the need for enhanced security capability for the UAE. This is to prevent and protect themselves against intensified Iranian attacks”. Pompeo said in the declaration.

“The historic agreement of the United Arab Emirates under the Abraham Accords to normalize relations with Israel offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to turn the region’s geopolitical climate positively.”. Pompeo said.

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