UAE Urgent appeal to expats to obey preventive measures

The UAE calls on the Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Afghani communities to adhere to the preventive measures and the social spaces. The UAE Ministry of Health stressed that the rules for social separation should apply to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Saying that preventive measures are constantly being updated based on developments in the global situation.

UAE current situation with coronavirus

New cases of recovery reached 23 cases and recovered from the disease. Bringing the total number of cases in the country to 167.

277 new infections recorded in the new Coronavirus, Covid-19. Due to a number of different nationalities, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 2,076.

The UAE health system, with its strengthened investigation and continuous monitoring on a large scale. Which enabled the discovery of this number. Which confirms that the UAE, with its distinguished medical teams, is able to discover the virus and its locations as soon as possible.

The UAE powerful weapon to fight Corona

Social estrangement is a national duty

Social divergence in light of these conditions is a national duty and the most powerful weapon to fight the new Coronavirus. Noting that the commitment to the precautionary measures and preventive measures taken by the state. In order to confront the spread of the virus aims to protect the security and safety of society. That the “Stay at Home” initiative is a national initiative. In addition, It requires a commitment by everyone, considering that its application is a collective and individual responsibility of all members of society. It needs to join efforts to fully control this epidemic.

UAE imposes sanctions on violators of the procedures to counter the Coronavirus

The Ministry of Interior in the UAE, it will impose the penalties prescribed for violators and those who are not committed to the preventive measures related to confronting Corona. Or for reasons of work or wandering in personal cars. While adhering to the face mask and health guidelines.

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