UAE unprecedented rise in the number of golfers

There is a significant increase in the number of golfers in the UAE, both citizens, and residents. This increase in the numbers of golfers has occurred over the past ten years.

Which the numbers increased from 40 golfers registered in the association and club lists to 12,000 registered golfers, 9,000 of whom are club members. Where the proportion of citizens ranged about 10% of the total number. This information came in a press statement from the Vice President of the Golf Association, Adel Al Zaruni. Praising the significant efforts made by the Golf and Clubs over the past ten years.

Where the efforts of the Golf Association contributed to the increase in the number of golf practitioners, and it has achieved unprecedented success. And The game of golf is Western, so achieving this success in an Arab country such as the UAE is very impressive.

Adel Al Zaruni added in the press statement, there are misunderstandings about golf and the golf association has changed it’. The most prominent of them is the financial cost associated with it. It is an (aristocratic) sport in the first place, especially after the game proved its global spread.

Source:  tellerreport

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