UAE units the world to pray for humanity

Prayer for Humanity Initiative is a great initiative launched by the United Arab Emirates to ask god to get rid of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

This Prayer for Humanity initiative is an inspiring call for humanity and to live in peace.

The great civilized scenery will remain preserved in the historical memory .. 14 May is a day when all hearts of various religious schools gathered to pray to God. They hoped that our prayers accepted to lift this epidemic from the world. 

Prayer for Humanity Initiative

This initiative witnessed official and popular solidarity in various parts of the world, beginning with the announcement of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. His solidarity with the initiative and supporting it and the welcome of Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb and Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church for the call to prayer and supplication for humanity.

Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church


In addition to the wide global interaction of leaders, clerics and international organizations. It expressed their support and participation in prayer and supplication. 

This great Prayer for Humanity initiative has more than one positive aspect. In addition, it is praying to God with one heart and one voice from various religious schools in faith in our belief. God is the one who is able when human capabilities fail at the time of crises. God mercy is greater than all these crises that all the people of the world are going through 

The main aim of this initiative is living in peace, getting rid of epidemics, hatred. It also realized that the danger that affects one person may harm all humanity.

Source: thenational
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