UAE to facilitate the repatriation of British nationals

British nationals who found themselves stranded in the UAE after flights were grounded are being returned home. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) has made arrangements with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom. Plans are being put in place to return the British citizens to their home country in the safest way possible.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is systematically dismantling our way of life. In just a few short weeks the entire world has changed, straining international relationships between countries. The United Arab Emirates’ humanitarian position in this troubling time has encouraged the strengthening of relationships and the pursuit of cooperation.

Repatriation in difficult times

Due to the uncertain times facing us all right now many countries are electing to return their citizens home. Repatriation efforts are not as easy as they might usually be. COVID-19 has placed the entire world under a stranglehold, and the airline industry has felt that hold more than most.

Passenger flights across the UAE grounded on the 23rd of March. Authorities shut down the flights in an attempt to control the reach of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus. Efforts to reduce the use of air travel and public transport have proven to be an effective countermeasure in the fight against the virus.

Shutting down the airlines has had unintended results though. Many people left stranded in foreign countries without the means to return home. The cooperation of the UAE and the UK will help to resolve some of these issues.

UK & UAE alliance working together in solidarity

The UAE and the UK have been on friendly terms for many years now. The solidarity shared by both of these countries during the Coronavirus outbreak only shows how strong the ties of this relationship are.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been one of the UAE’s strongest proponents of solidarity during the crisis. On April 4th he tweeted: “In honour of all doctors around the world making the ultimate sacrifice, we will confront this challenge with determination, sheer will, & a spirit of solidarity.”

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