UAE to assist Cyprus in efforts to counter COVID-19

A United Arab Emirates aid plane has delivered 8 tonnes of medical supplies to the people of Cyprus. The generosity of the UAE will help to save many lives by providing these important materials to Cypriot healthcare workers.

Humanitarian efforts increase in the wake of the viral outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has placed a great strain on the medical infrastructure of many countries. Critical healthcare supplies can be hard to come by during this pandemic. As well as, Doctors and nurses are struggling to keep up with the requirements of their jobs without the correct protective equipment.

Significant investment has been put into the medical infrastructure of the UAE. While other countries are running out of supplies, the UAE does not have this problem.

Due to the strong position of the UAE, it is able to share medical supplies with friendly countries. Cyprus is just one of many countries to receive the generous aid of the UAE. The supplies delivered to Cyprus will provide 10,000 healthcare professionals with the right tools to do their jobs. This will aid in the swift recovery of infected patients.

“Providing support to countries affected by COVID-19 is a humanitarian obligation upon all countries”, said the UAE ambassador to Cyprus, Sultan Ahmed Ghanem Al Suwaidi.

How has COVID-19 affected Cyprus?

Cyprus is in the early stages of the Coronavirus epidemic. In order to prevent the virus from spreading they must act quickly. Preventative measures are essential in this situation.

A lockdown and quarantine are in effect in Cyprus. Authorities have begun to test for Coronavirus. 20,000 private and public sector workers have been tested already.

The number of infections in Cyprus is currently low. Only 715 people have tested positive for Coronavirus. There have been 12 deaths.

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