UAE participates in first line of defense honor celebration

The Ministry of Interior United Arab Emirates participated in 26 countries in a global celebration that included a special feast as a gesture of honor and appreciation for the noble efforts made by the first line of defense to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and their human sacrifices in order to preserve the health and safety of societies around the world.

The celebration of the first line of defense

26 countries participate in honoring the first line of defense

The participating police teams in 26 countries presented a unified performance within the activities of the initiative, where the “Aida Nasr March” played a global message of thanks and hope for the first line of defense, and an affirmation that the world is still united and that humanity is what unites us.

The Ministry of Interior strengthen global relations

The Ministry of Interior United Arab Emirates is keen on international participation and strengthening its global relations through active participation in events and events around the world, especially humanitarian activities that enhance the safety, security, and stability of societies, believing in the importance of front line workers in this technical field. The human image and musical language that 26 countries around the world participated in, which is the language of understanding peoples and a message of hope, praise, and appreciation for them. A group that stood in the first lines of defense and put themselves at risk in the line of duty and the performance of duty Humanitarian tasks.

Police teams participants in honoring first line of defense

Police teams from 26 countries participated in a celebration of the first line of defense in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sharjah Police Academy Squad, wind machines, and drums in the Australian Federal Police, the Bahrain Police Band, the Columbia Police Orchestra, the Guatemalan National Civil Police Squad, and the Vanvara State Police Italian participated in the celebration.

New South Wales Police, Royal Brunei Police Troupe, Castle Guard Troupe, Police of the Czech Republic, Vienna Police Orchestra Troupe, National Police Orchestra Troupe, Burkina Faso, Ghana Police Troupe, Israel National Police Troupe, Lithuanian Ministry of Interior Wind Orchestra,  Mauritius Police Band, Philippine National Police Music Band, Senegal Police Main Band, Slovenian Police Orchestra Band, New Zealand Police Flute, Polish Police Band, Singapore Police Force Band, Korean National Police Orchestra, Glasgow City Police Orchestra, Peruvian National Police Orchestra, Gendarmerie Ensemble The Portuguese National Orchestra of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and the Music Orchestra of the New Taipei City Police Department.

Mohamed Bin Zayed appreciation the first line of defense

His Highness Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, appreciated the first line of defense, and praised their efforts made during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their sacrifices among the ranks of the first line of defense. His Highness also recognized the state’s efforts made to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

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