UAE Health launches Telemedicine global initiative training

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai praised the Waterfalls initiative, as the largest Telemedicine global initiative training for continuous learning and specialized training, from a distance.

UAE Telemedicine global initiative training

Telemedicine: a new reality in healthcare

The Telemedicine global initiative training launched by the UAE is being implemented under the follow-up and supervision of Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of the UAE.

Telemedicine global initiative training aims

The Telemedicine global initiative training aims to train and empower about one million medical personnel, from around the world, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians, health experts, and administrators in the hospital and medical services sector, and workers in the humanitarian relief sector in areas of epidemics and health disasters.

UAE Health launches a global initiative to train one million people in the Telemedicine sector

The Telemedicine global initiative training is held through specialized educational sessions, training workshops, seminars and lectures, which contribute to enhancing their skills, refining their experiences, and informing them of the latest developments in their field, in order to enable them to improve their work in the field and make them more able and ready to deal efficiently and effectively in facing all health crises, specifically to address the emerging coronavirus epidemic as a global pandemic constituted the largest test in the modern history of the medical sector in the world.

More than 140 doctors, experts and specialists and 67 international scientific, medical and academic institutions participate in developing and providing educational content for the initiative.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweeted on his official account via Twitter, saying: “With the follow-up of my brother Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, the UAE launches a global initiative to provide specialized training to one million people in the medical sector around the world from a distance, in an initiative that represents the human legacy of the founder of the state, Sheikh Zayed, May God rest his soul. ”

On the occasion of launching the Telemedicine global initiative training, he stressed that “the UAE is an active part of the health system in the world … and empowering health cadres in the world is part of the country’s contribution to the global effort to empower the global health sector.”

In this regard, Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan said: “The Waterfalls initiative is a gift from the Emirates for health and medical cadres in the world through which we put a summary of advanced medical science and training at the hands of the best experts and specialists in the world in their hands.”

He stated, “The UAE believes that uniting global efforts is the best way to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and this million-dollar initiative is part of the UAE’s contribution to the battle against humanity’s first enemy.”

He pointed out that “the medical and health personnel have proven to be a national wealth in every country that deserves appreciation and respect … and that we preserve it by strengthening its capabilities so that it can face the Coronavirus battle with more efficiency, greater determination … and newer tools.”

Telemedicine global initiative platform for continuing education and training

The Waterfalls initiative was developed through the Behavioral Rewards Department at the Ministry of Possibilities, in cooperation with Index Holding and the Aqdar Global Summit, which is organized annually in Abu Dhabi and is concerned with supporting and empowering sustainable communities.

The Telemedicine global initiative aims to provide continuous education for health workers around the world, who represent the first line of defence in the face of the coronavirus in appreciation of their sincere efforts in preserving the safety of societies and the health of their members.

This platform, the first of its kind and the largest in terms of the number of beneficiaries, contributes to enhancing the efficiency of medical personnel, building their capabilities and refining their skills, and supporting the global health sector, as this constitutes a fundamental pillar to support international efforts to confront the emerging Coronavirus epidemic that struck the world in the first quarter of This year, as the largest pandemic of its kind humanity has witnessed in a hundred years, and it has resulted in unprecedented health, economic and humanitarian repercussions.

14 health and humanitarian sectors

The Waterfalls initiative targets a million people working in 14 health and humanitarian sectors, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians, members of crisis and disaster management teams, hospital administrators and primary health care, workers in radiology departments, laboratories and medical diagnostics, dentists, nutrition experts, and specialists in oncology and cancer. skin, and all health sector workers, volunteers in humanitarian institutions and field workers in health disaster sites, by providing a continuous distance education program, consisting of lectures, seminars, educational sessions and specialized training workshops, through the “webinar” platform to ensure the rehabilitation and empowerment of medical and health personnel and their assistance To continue learning under the current circumstances.

More than 140 of the most prominent doctors, scientists, experts and specialists in the health and humanitarian sector around the world participate in the design and development of scientific lectures, educational sessions and training workshops remotely, as well as 67 international scientific, medical and academic institutions and an accreditation body in the medical field.

The specialized lectures, seminars and educational sessions cover the most vital topics in the various fields of medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, public health, nursing, dentistry and hospital management, in addition to many specialized topics that contribute to supporting the health sector in societies.

Participating in the initiative through the initiative link

Source: gulfnews
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