UAE supports Thailand with tons of medical aid against Corona

The United Arab Emirates sent an aid plane containing 11 tons of medical supplies yesterday to Thailand, to support it in limiting the spread of the new Coronavirus, which will benefit more than 11 thousand doctors to enhance their efforts to confront the spread of the coronavirus. This comes as a continuation of the state’s efforts to strengthen the capabilities of the health sector in various countries of the world to overcome the crisis of “COVID-19”.

UAE sends 11 tons of medical aid to Thailand

Saif Abdullah Muhammad Al Shamsi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Thailand, said: “The United Arab Emirates and Thailand have distinguished historical relations since it has been about 45 years since the beginning of bilateral relations between the two countries, which were characterized by the nature of friendship and harmony in political positions and cooperation in various fields.”

He added: “The dispatch of medical assistance comes to confirm the keenness of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates to develop and consolidate and consolidate relations at all levels with Thailand, especially in the field of health and prevention, and to support the efforts of medical personnel to contain the epidemic.”

Foreign and development aid from the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a pioneer in implementing its ODA commitments in the least developed countries. The humanitarian assistance provided by the state is not related to the political orientations of the countries that benefit from it, nor the geographical location, race, colour, sect, or religion, but rather take into account in the first place the humanitarian aspect that is represented in the needs of the people.

Send humanitarian aid to the countries affected by the Corona pandemic

In continuation of the approach of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the state, may God rest his soul, and within the framework of the United Arab Emirate’s commitment to give a helping hand to all, the United Arab Emirates is sending humanitarian aid to other countries to alleviate the suffering of its people in the face of the Coronavirus.

It is worth noting that the United Arab Emirates has, to date, provided more than 956 tons of aid to more than 68 countries, benefiting about 956 thousand medical workers.

Thailand coronavirus updatres

The government centre for crisis management “Corona” in Thailand announced today, Monday, the registration of 3 three new infections with the Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, indicating that no deaths were recorded .. which brings the total confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease in the country to 3 thousand and 151 cases of which he died 58 so far.

The Thai newspaper (Bangkok Post) quoted the centre’s spokesperson, Taoysin Wisanoyotin, as saying: The new infections were discovered in the quarantine of Thai citizens returning from India.
Wesanoyotin added, however, that the country cannot reduce its caution, because one incoming case or the discovery of three cases such as today could lead to an outbreak locally.

Source: WAM
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