UAE students return from abroad for their safety

The UAE decides to return all of its students abroad within 48 hours in order to preserve their safety. In response to the growing danger caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). the United Arab Emirates made the decision to recall all students who are currently studying abroad to the UAE.

UAE students return from abroad

The government expects students to return home within 48 hours

The decision to return all students made with safety in mind. The UAE has the best medical facilities in the world and people are much safer from Coronavirus here.

Students are being advised to make arrangements with their nearest embassy and other local authorities. Students are being urged to return home before borders close and it is too late.

The world goes into lockdown

Public spaces are closing down, curfews are in place and people being are told to remain in their homes. This is the new normal for a planet currently in the grips of a pandemic.

The UAE has made the decision to shut down all public spaces and facilities. All non-essential businesses are also shutting down operations for the duration of the quarantine. Only a few businesses such as supermarkets and pharmacies remain open under the new rules.

With airlines cutting flights and a full suspension of travel looming, it is critical that students return home to avoid becoming trapped abroad.

Safer at home

While other nations are struggling to beat the Coronavirus, the UAE has it under control.

Infections are still low and medical facilities are rapidly responding to any cases of infection. Strict quarantine rules are ensuring the virus cannot spread easily.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has praised the response of UAE medical workers during the crisis. Residents can thank medical workers themselves via social media with the hashtag #ThankYouHeroes.

Famous American TV personality, Steve Harvey recently said that the UAE is the safest place in the world during the pandemic.

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