UAE starts receiving residents … Know the conditions

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority have adopted a list of conditions to obtain approval related to receiving residents and the return of them from the current residence campaign holders who are located outside the country starting from the first of July.

UAE initiatives for receiving residents

This comes within the framework of the initiative to return residents residing abroad from those with valid residency permits, which were launched by the United Arab Emirates earlier, and to complement the efforts undertaken by the state in light of the exceptional circumstances to confront the emerging coronavirus and to support the trend towards activating the easing restrictions program. Progressive to be implemented during the coming period.

One of the most prominent requirements is that pre-screening is carried out in countries where pilot laboratories have been contracted and approved by the competent authority and deployed in about 106 cities in 17 countries as a first stage, provided that the validity of the examination result does not exceed 72 hours before the flight departure time, and people will be unable to board To the plane without obtaining the approval associated with a COVID-19, and people will be able to obtain the result of the scan via their email.

It is also worth noting that the rest of the laboratories will be announced in the coming days in coordination with partners through the launch of the second phase, which includes 19 cities in 8 countries, and the third stage with 150 laboratories in the list of 31 countries, and it is possible to get to know the list of those laboratories and its readiness position by visiting the Commission’s website (

UAE receiving residents with COVID-Free certificate

Note that tests will be carried out «COVID-19» for arrivals upon arrival in the lands of the state who do not have accredited laboratories in the countries from which they came, until the laboratories are ready, where the requirement of pre-examination will be applied in time.

14 days United Arab Emirates health quarantine

The rest of the conditions also stipulate the commitment to the home or health quarantine for a period of 14 days while bearing the costs of conducting the examination or the approved quarantine in the absence of housing compatible with the health requirements of the quarantine.

The institutional bodies in which these individuals work must bear all the costs related to the medical and quarantine examination when What was needed, in addition to the necessity to use one of the approved tracking systems applications in order to monitor the health status in order to preserve their safety and the safety of society.

The United Arab Emirates will continue its intensive efforts to combat the new coronavirus both internally and externally in these exceptional circumstances, in a way that serves citizens and residents on the homeland.

Source: thenational
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