UAE launches a smartwatch that detects symptoms of COVID-19

In the UAE market, the “Fitbit Sense” company has launched a smartwatch equipped with innovative technologies and sensors that the company says may help to monitor changes in health indicators that coincide with the emergence of symptoms of “COVID-19” and “influenza”.

Smartwatch new application of ECG

The new technologies in the watch include the first electrical activity sensor (EDA) available via smartwatch, to adjust stress levels and stress, with advanced heart rate tracking technology, a new application of ECG, a sensor to measure the temperature of the skin around the wrist, and a battery that lasts more than 6 days.

James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, said: “The (COVID-19) pandemic has shown us the importance of caring for our health and well-being on the psychological and physical level. Our new products and services are among our latest innovations to date, combining the most advanced algorithms and sensor technologies to provide more. Information about the health of the body and thus monitoring and controlling it. ”

He added, “We are working to upgrade the concept of wearable devices by helping users to achieve a better understanding and control of their health and their stress levels, in addition to obtaining and tracking basic health indicators in a simple and smooth way, such as skin temperature, heart rate change and blood oxygen saturation measurement.”

Smartwatch Monitors stress levels

The Fitbit Sense features connected with the device or integrated into applications allow you to see how the body responds to stress using tools that help control physical and psychological stress levels. This feature was developed to control stress levels by the team of behavioural health experts at Fitbit. They have decades of experience diagnosing and treating psychological problems, in addition to supervising medical experts from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The EDA sensor on the Sense watch measures the electrical activity of the skin directly via the wrist. The palm can be placed on the front face of the device to monitor the simple electrical changes in the skin, which helps to understand the body’s response to stress factors and how to deal with them.

Smartwatch as a medical expert

A quick session to monitor electrical activity of the skin and body responses can be performed, or synchronized with full focus sessions directed at the Fitbit app to see the body’s response during meditation or relaxation. At the end of each session, users can see a graph of the electrical activity of the skin on the device and the app. It allows them to see the progress that has been made over time and to think about their emotional and psychological stresses.

The new feature allows users to measure daily physical stress levels related to data on heart health, sleep system, movement and activity levels. It is available exclusively on the Fitbit Sense device and can be accessed through the new stress section in the Fitbit app.

The score ranges from 1 to 100, with the highest value indicating fewer signs of physical stress, and it comes with a set of recommendations for better control of stress levels through breathing exercises and other methods of meditation and total focus.

Smartwatch as early health indicators

The Sense watch contains a new sensor to measure skin temperature and monitor changes that may indicate the presence of a fever, disease, or the start of a new menstrual cycle. And unlike real-time temperature checks, this sensor detects the differences in skin temperature from one night to the next, allowing for better detection of minor changes over time and paying attention to abnormal indicators.

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