UAE shuts public transport this weekend for sterilization

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is shutting down all public transport over the weekend. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) will be working with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) to disinfect all public transport lines.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has reached critical levels in many countries. Due to their swift and thorough response, the UAE is currently the safest place during the pandemic.

UAE National sterilization program announced

The national sterilization program is taking place over the next 3 days. The program will disinfect all of the public transport lines across the UAE.

Sterilization is going to be a key factor in preventing the spread of Coronavirus in the UAE. Coronavirus can live on many surfaces for up to 72 hours, disinfecting those surfaces is critical at this stage.

Transportation is going to be shutting down from Thursday, March 26th at 8.00 pm. The decontamination procedure will continue until Sunday, March 29th at 6.00 am.

All public transport services, including metro, trams, and busses will be suspended. Private hire vehicles, taxis, and courier services will be operating as usual.

Quarantines are still in place

Representatives from MOHAP and MOI are asking that people remain inside their homes while the national sterilization program is in process.

Please do not go outside unless you are a worker in a critical industry, or you need to purchase food or medical supplies.

If you are a critical worker then you may be asked to verify your labour and ID cards during the quarantine.

Fines are in place for anyone found in violation of the quarantine.

Food and medical supplies aren’t at risk

Supply lines are still open. There is currently no risk of food or medical supplies running out. Supermarkets and pharmacies are going to continue to operate 24/7 during the quarantine.

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