UAE sets up field hospitals amid the outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still spreading across the globe at an alarming rate. While many countries struggle to fight Coronavirus, the UAE is successfully beating off everything this crisis can throw at it. The construction of 3 new field hospitals is underway in light of growing concerns regarding hospital capacities.

UAE New facilities provide even greater resources

The United Arab Emirates is more than prepared for an influx of viral infections. There is enough stock of medical supplies to deal with any number of patients.

In order to further increase the viral outbreak contingency plan, the construction of new hospitals is going in to effect. The location for these hospitals is Dubai and also Abu Dhabi. The increase in facilities is going to ensure that there are enough resources for all people. There is space for 3,4000 patients across all of these new hospital units.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health announced the new facilities. They also stated that Khalifa Bin Mohammed Bin Zayed toured the premises in order to oversee these new additions. One of the hospitals is located at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. It is able to take up to 1,000 patients. It occupies 31,000 square meters of space.

Existing facilities convert to hospitals

The Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is also playing host to a new medical facility. The DWTC is able to accommodate up to 3,000 patients. This is a fully ready field hospital with all of the necessary medical supplies.

Learning from China

The use of field hospitals is prevalent in many other nations right now. China is influential in the creation of these medical facilities. The Chinese government built a hospital in only 6 days in order to treat Coronavirus patients. Now the UAE is using this wisdom for itself.

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