UAE sets a new plan for tourism after the Coronavirus

Today, the whole world is taking precautionary measures in an attempt to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. As a result, almost all countries have problems with their tourism sector.

But the UAE wouldn’t just stand and watch. Actually, it now works on some criteria and procedures that will help tourism go back to normal in no time. The aim of such medical procedures and recommendations is to ensure the safety of all tourists. The plan that the UAE is currently working on includes the return of tourism in July or September.

The UAE’s tourism sector has demonstrated a high level of responsibility during the coronavirus crisis. The sector can actually be considered as an active partner in supporting the efforts that the country is exerting to put an end to this kind of deadly virus.

It’s worth mentioning that the UAE welcomed more than 21.5 million tourists from different countries in 2019. That’s why the country intends to maintain its distinguished status as a global tourist destination.

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