UAE sends medical aid to Namibia to contain coronavirus

The United Arab Emirates today sent an aid plane containing 8 tons of medical supplies and testing devices to the Republic of Namibia, to support it in reducing the spread of the new coronavirus, and about 8,000 health care workers will benefit from it to enhance their efforts to contain the spread of “COVID-19”.

UAE medical aid support sent to Namibia

“The United Arab Emirates continues its efforts, through harnessing all capabilities to support all aspects of development in African countries, and to meet its needs based on its pioneering and humanitarian role in supporting brotherly and friendly countries, especially,” said Mohsin Saeed Al Hameli, the United Arab Emirate’s ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, a non-resident ambassador to the Republic of Namibia.

Mohsin Saeed Al Hameli added:

The medical aid that the United Arab Emirates sent to the Republic of Namibia today comes within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

It is contributing to the efforts of the relevant authorities, by providing protection for workers in the front lines in order to combat COVID-19.

UAE Total Huminatarian aids to the needy countries

It is worth noting that to date the United Arab Emirates has sent more than 1108 tons of aid to more than 75 countries, benefiting more than a million medical workers.

Global health expresses concern about the rapid spread of corona in Africa

A senior official in the World Health Organization warned that African countries need urgent help to build their health systems, in light of the rapid spread of Coronavirus in the African desert countries in recent days.

Mike Ryan, director of urgent operations for the organization, said that although the number of HIV cases in many African countries is still low, the frequency of the pandemic was very high last week, noting that the rate of increase in the number of infections in Namibia reached 69 percent. In Botswana, 66 percent, and in Zambia, 57 percent.

It is noteworthy that the country of South Africa is the most affected country in the black continent affected by the Corona pandemic, as the number of injuries in the country exceeded 360 thousand cases, while the number of deaths reached more than five thousand cases.

Source: WAM
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