UAE sends 40 tons of medical aid to Lebanon

An Emirati plane arrived in the Lebanese capital carrying 40 tons of medicines, medical supplies, and foodstuffs, in addition to nutritional supplements for children, as part of the urgent humanitarian aid provided by the United Arab Emirates to those affected by the Beirut port explosion in Lebanon.

UAE sends medical aid plane to relief Lebanon

Dr. Muhammad Ateeq Al Falahi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority – as reported by the Emirates News Agency, today / Saturday / – said, “The authority has developed a comprehensive humanitarian response plan to deal with the disaster and its humanitarian repercussions that include several stages, explaining that the focus at this stage will be on aid and supplies. Medical Center to strengthen the capacity of the Lebanese health institutions to provide the necessary medical care to the injured and help them perform their role towards them in these circumstances, and in light of a large number of victims and wounded.

He added that the scale of the disaster has weighed on the medical services in Lebanon. Therefore, it must be supported and supported and overcome the obstacles and challenges it faces, explaining that the authority’s response plan has devoted a large part of the aid to provide the needs of children and care for their health and psychology and to create the appropriate conditions for the treatment of the injured and those affected by them, especially since the reports received from the site of the event indicate an increase in the number of affected children. By the disaster.

UAE Embassy Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon

He pointed out that the authority is working in coordination with the Humanitarian Aid Office of the UAE Embassy in Beirut to expand the umbrella of the beneficiaries of the authority’s aid in the Lebanese arena at the present time, and to strengthen the response plan on the ground, and to define priorities in the next phase, and actual needs based on field monitoring and daily follow-up that It is carried out by the office in cooperation and coordination with the competent Lebanese authorities.

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