UAE satellite operations centre for distance learning

Experts from the health care, education and telecommunications sectors stressed that the new Corona epidemic constituted an incentive to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies in these sectors to be able to continue providing their services through digital platforms of the UAE satellite operations centre.

UAE satellite operations centre meet the distance education platforms

This was done during their participation in a session that dealt with the interaction of the health care, education and communications sector with the Corona epidemic crisis within the activities of the second day of the virtual conference of the World Summit on Industry and Industrialization

His Excellency Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, and Edward Zoe, Vice President for Global Public Affairs at Huawei, discussed the impact of the epidemic on the education and communications sectors.

Mohammed bin Rashid initiative for smart learning

His Excellency Al Hammadi affirmed that the UAE was well prepared to switch to distance learning platforms in the stage of the spread of the Corona epidemic because in 2012 it launched the Mohammed bin Rashid initiative for smart learning, and the experiences acquired by the state since the launch of the initiative allowed the ministry to develop two versions of the curriculum.

UAE satellite operations centre

His Excellency said: We have invested for a long time in all the infrastructure requirements of the UAE satellite operations centre that enabled us to ensure the provision of education services in accordance with the highest international standards and in all circumstances, and we were able to build the best educational platform that is smart, flexible and meets modern requirements.

Teachers and students with appropriate devices that enable them to access the network and provide them with the capabilities to use the advanced applications and programs that are included in the basic education system, through UAE satellite operations centre.

He pointed out that the rapid transition to distance learning on an unprecedented scale continues to create huge technical and logistical challenges for the education system, and therefore, the Ministry of Education has established a UAE satellite operations centre to meet the demand for distance education platforms and communicate through them with parents and students.

His Excellency said: We have more than 1.2 million students in public education and we had to move them completely within only two weeks to the distance learning platform and to achieve this transition successfully we had to increase the speed of the Internet by almost 100%, in order to be fully accessible to UAE satellite operations centre.

In turn, Edward Zoe highlighted the role that telecommunications played in maintaining the activity of global economies during the epidemic, but stressed the great impact of the epidemic on societies that are still unable to connect to the Internet.

International Telecommunication Union opinion about distance learning

The information and communication technology sector has greatly contributed to the recovery of economic and social activities after the epidemic, but there are still many gaps and challenges that we have to deal with, and we have witnessed, over the past thirty years, a great leap in the development of information and communication technologies, Mobile, Internet, as well as high-speed broadband connections, which have improved our lives, work and economies, however, the epidemic served as a reminder to us that we have not done everything we need to do and that the current foundations on which the global economy is based are not as strong as we think, According to the International Telecommunication Union, less than half of the world’s population still does not have an internet connection, cannot access digital technologies, and children in remote areas have not been able to join online classes during the pandemic.

He pointed out that investment in infrastructure at the government level is an essential part of the solution, which must be accompanied by progressive tax policies that stimulate corporate investment, and that increased investment will help support the digital transformation in companies.

It has become an urgent priority in light of the epidemic, and governments will have to look at Network equipment as an important infrastructure that would allow us to operate the network and maintain equipment during a time of crisis and called for the adoption of unified global standards for technologies to help reduce costs and enable technology deployment and communication to a much wider audience.

The great challenge for the telecommunications sector

He said: The presence of different standards in the UAE satellite operations centre greatly increases the cost of services for the entire sector, which represents a great challenge for the telecommunications sector, and we encourage all telecommunications companies to work together and in cooperation with the public sector to adopt unified standards for the information and communication technology sector, and there is no doubt that the use and employment of technologies spread across borders.

Artificial intelligence Technology

Thus, unified standards will benefit users regardless of where they live, as innovative technologies and innovations belong to everyone and are not exclusive to specific countries or individuals. That new technologies such as telemedicine platforms, remote monitoring devices, and artificial intelligence have occupied the forefront during the epidemic, providing high-level healthcare for a wide range of patients and providing new knowledge for doctors, and the demand for telemedicine platforms has increased during the spread of the epidemic, reaching 60 times as much in the U.S.A., where people were reluctant to leave their homes to see a doctor, and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Sberbank has developed a rapid model to diagnose Coronavirus using CT scans, which is widely used by doctors throughout Russia.

Source: khaleejtimes
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