Humanity matters: UAE reunites a family from Tunisia

With near follow-up from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations and the UAE Embassy in Tunisia and ongoing collaboration of the Ministry’s Activity Center with responsible authorities, Tunisian dentist Raya Bint Al Sobhi returned to the UAE where she met her 2-month-old and 5-year-old children after being unable to travel due to suspension aircraft.

UAE reunites a family from Tunisia

The dentist went to her homeland Tunisia in order to visit her ill father and for personal health reasons.

She was unable to return to the United Arab Emirates due to flight suspension under preventive measures to contain COVID-19’s spread.

Dr. Raya was in continuous contact with the UAE embassy in Tunisia and the Tunisian embassy in the UAE during her stay in Tunisia to ensure her return to the UAE.

Statement of UAE Ambassador to Tunisia

UAE Ambassador to Tunisia, Rashed Mohammed Al Mansouri, said:

With the coordination with the Government of Tunisia, the Embassy of Tunisia in the UAE and the competent authorities to facilitate all necessary procedures. In order to ensure that the dentist was reunited with her children, thanking all the parties involved for their unlimited and fruitless cooperation.

UAE resident Raya Bint Al Sobhi, who is now in the country’s medical quarantine, expressed her thanks and gratitude to all the authorities involved for helping her to return to her children and to be reunited with her family after two months stuck in Tunisia.

In a video posted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. UAE resident Raya, who is now in the country’s medical quarantine. She expressed her thanks and gratitude to all the authorities involved. For helping her return to her children and reuniting with her family after being away for two months in Tunisia.

Flights are back soon

Meanwhile, Emirates Airline has announced that flights to 12 Arab countries are going to resume.

Following the resumption of daily passenger flights to a variety of destinations. Including London Heathrow, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne – on 21 May. The Dubai-based airline will restart operation to more Middle East destinations.

The airline website makes bookings for outbound flights to 12 Arab countries-such services will begin on July 1.

The twelve destinations are: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

In a statement released by the airline. However, they noted that given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Things are subject to change.

“Currently some of the flights are available for reservation starting July 1. But the situation is still dynamic and these flight services could be subject to change”.

“They are aiming to give their customers as much notice as possible should any changes occur.”

Through an announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) and the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship (ICA) earlier this month. UAE residents currently are overseas due to the coronavirus outbreak will be able to return from 1 June.

Both authorities outlined the decision to help those holding a valid residency visa. To reunite them with their relatives in the UAE for the government’s will.

Source: WAM
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