UAE rapid corona examination opened widely

In Abu Dhabi, the Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Committee of the Coronavirus Pandemic, in coordination with the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, has identified 11 rapid corona examination centres with DPI technology based on laser beams (rapid corona examination), to detect suspected cases of infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

11 accredited centres for rapid corona examination to enter Abu Dhabi

Eight rapid corona examination centres belong to the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), and three centres for the «Tamouh» Healthcare Company.

The centres are divided into

– Three centres in Abu Dhabi (Zayed Sports City, the Corniche, and Ghantoot Center).

– Two centres in Al Ain (Al Hili Center and Al Hili Wedding Hall).

– Two centres in Dubai (Survey Center – Port Rashid, and Survey Center – Al Khawaneej), Survey Center in Fujairah, Survey Center – Burial Al Khor in Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah Golf Club Center, and Emirates Hospitality Hall in Ajman.

Rapid corona examination registration

«SEHA» has allowed booking appointments for rapid corona examination with the «DPI» laser technology, at its centres through the «SEHA» application to enter Abu Dhabi, indicating that the centres that provide a rapid corona examination with this technology are the examination centres of the vehicle, and if the rapid corona examination shows the necessity to perform a nasal swab ( PCR) will have to be performed at the centre, and a payment of 320 dirhams, and commitment to home quarantine until receiving the result.

7 motivations for participating in Corona vaccine trials

Volunteers in the first clinical trials in the world for the third phase of the inactive “COVID-19” vaccine to rapid corona examination, which is underway in the UAE, have identified seven reasons behind the high demand for participation in trials, and the arrival of the number of volunteers who received the first dose of the vaccine, in a period of time less than 30 Day, to more than 15,000 volunteers from 107 nationalities.

The most prominent motives of volunteers to participate in the experiments, by meeting some of them, or by documenting their experience of participating in clinical trials, by publishing pictures of them inside the specialized clinic at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center (ADNEC), and the Al-Qarayen Health Center in the Emirate of Sharjah. Their personal social media accounts, and talk about their motivation for participation.

The seven main reasons for participation included:

  1. The national duty
  2. Confidence in the competence of the Emirati medical sector
  3. Belief in the importance of community
  4. humanitarian participation
  5. The desire to end the pandemic due to harm to the business
  6. The loss of a loved one, and fear for parents and children
  7. Supporting UAE-Chinese cooperation

Citizens led the number of volunteers with a national scruple and believing in the support of the concerted efforts made by Abu Dhabi and the UAE, to confront one of the biggest health challenges that the world witnessed during the 21st century, to be today the first country to conduct this phase of clinical trials.

UAE volunteers supporting national initiatives

A number of volunteers affirmed that the UAE is an oasis of tolerance, humanity and coexistence and that their belief in human social responsibility has prompted them to quickly register themselves among the volunteers since the announcement of the third phase, in addition to their eagerness to return part of the UAE beauty to them, by supporting national initiatives and enhancing the capabilities of Medical research and development, including local vaccine manufacturing capacity.

Three participants, of different nationalities, indicated that they are co-workers, who work as nursery teachers, and have lost their work since the start of the Corona pandemic, after the decision to suspend the work of nurseries, pointing out that their desire to eliminate this virus and return life to normal, They are the reason for encouraging them to participate, especially since their income was severely affected by the stoppage of work.

Individuals from the first line of defence, participating in clinical trials of the potential vaccine, confirmed that their participation came for two reasons:

  • The first is the humanitarian imperative.
  • The second is their full confidence in the UAE health system, and its progress and development.

Stressing that the approval of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi The conduct of experiments in the UAE is a complete guarantee of the safety of the vaccine, and the absence of any danger to the volunteers.

Source: khaleejtimes
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