The UAE is the first in the Middle East and North Africa in safety in 2020

The UAE was ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa region, and third in the world in terms of the population’s sense of safety in 2020, according to the Global Law and Order 2020 Index issued yesterday by the prestigious American “Gallup” Foundation for Management Consulting.

UAE is first in safetyَ

The UAE scored 92 out of 100 points for its residents’ feeling of safety and freedom from exposure to any danger or threat when walking alone on any street in the country. The UAE and Norway are equal in the same points balance, to share together in third place in the world. Thus, for the second year in a row, the UAE maintained its first position regionally and third globally on the index, as it had obtained the same regional and global rankings in the 2019 edition of the index.

The top of the index this year was Singapore, which got 97 points, while Turkmenistan ranked second with 93 points. And China, Kuwait, Slovenia and Tajikistan shared the fifth place in the world on the index, with 90 points each. Denmark and Saudi Arabia also shared the ninth place in the world, with 88 points each.

Safety index is led by UAE

In a parallel context, the UAE was ranked fifth again globally in the ability of states to establish public order and impose the rule of law in 2020, according to the results of the global survey included in the same index.

The UAE scored 92 points in establishing public order and imposing the rule of law, the same score obtained by Norway, Austria, Switzerland and Uzbekistan, so that the five countries together share the fifth place in the world.

Singapore and Turkmenistan shared the lead together with the same score, which is 97 points, while China ranked third with 94 points, and Iceland and Kuwait shared fourth place with 93 points each. The “Global Law and Order” index from Gallup monitors, on an annual basis, the levels of public order and law approval in various countries of the world, as well as levels of the population’s sense of safety in each country.

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